Make Life Into A Competition

Life can be challenging at times. Getting what you want out of life can be even harder. Making things into a competition either known or unknown is a great way to make some quick and rewarding progress. Let’s say for example you wanted to lose weight. You could get all of your friends on board … Read more

Listen To The Thoughts of Your Heart

Where do most of our thoughts come from? The brain right. In a scientific mind that is the only place they can come from. The brain is the main organ in our central nervous system and the only one capable of logic, reasoning, and memory. What if I told you there was another organ in … Read more

Using Stubbornness For Success

Some people are more stubborn that others. There are some people out there who can be so stubborn that they ignore all facts and realities just because they don’t want to accept any other way besides their own. This can be a major disadvantage in life, or it could be used to bring great amounts … Read more

How To Control Your Mood and Emotions

We ultimately have control over our mood and emotions. I find this hard to believe at times, but it’s absolutely true. We have the ability within us to make a situation better. We can snap out of a bad, angry, sad, happy, or any other mood in an instant with enough focus and direction. If … Read more

Get Things Done On Your Good Days

Some days are better than others, as far as being productive goes. Sometimes you may sleep better than normal or have a stroke of luck that puts you in a good mood. These extra positive days are a great chance for you to get lots of stuff done and keep the ball rolling even longer. … Read more

How to Hack Your Mind

The mind is a very malleable mechanism, as scientists keep continuing to prove to us from day to day. We are always hearing about clever mechanisms that analyze our brainwaves and delve into our mind’s secret world by reading our thoughts in crude words or numbers. This technology is at the forefront of changing life … Read more

How To Lose A Bad Attitude For Good

A bad attitude always brings about a picture of a nasty old person with a wrinkled face and piercing eyes; may be holding a shot gun at you for trespassing. Well this may be true but a lot of people suffer from a bad attitude from time to time. To some this is habitual while … Read more