Tips On How To Get Motivated

Love is the greatest of all and always remains above all. Thus, it is very important for us to remain amidst of the things we love. Getting yourself surrounded by those things that are your favorite is always good. Love is the true feeling that teaches us how to live this life in harmony. It … Read more

Types of Motivation | Apply Them To Your Life

Motivation is an essential part of our life and we can achieve anything with a positive attitude. Many variables come into play when we talk about inspiration. The right inspiring force can help you in achieving any results, which may seem impossible otherwise. The force energizes us to fulfill our goals and lead a healthy … Read more

Self Determination Theory | Personal Motivation

Self-determination theory attempts to lay out a framework what we as humans need to in terms of personal growth. This theory describes what motivates us and what drives us to act. In self determination theory, it is thought that there are specific innate forces that are at work that motivate us and cause us to … Read more

How To Develop Extrinsic Motivation

From getting fit to getting a promotion, it’s impossible to achieve your goals without positive motivation. While some motivation is considered intrinsic, meaning that a person’s interest in pursuing his or her goals stems from inner values and is self-rewarding, for most of the activities you might be required to do on a daily basis, … Read more

To Do List Template | Create A Todo List

Writing a todo list template allows you to steer the direction of your day. The simple act of writing down what you anticipate doing will allow you to focus on the most important tasks and get actually get them done. Going without a todo list template will leave your days amorphous and unproductive in most … Read more