Do Things That Interest You

Have you ever done something and you couldn’t really find the motivation or drive to really get sucked into? Maybe you did it anyway but you didn’t enjoy it. The reason for this is lack of interest. If you really want to enjoy the things you do, find something that interests you. Life is full of things … Read more

How To Do Nothing and Silence Your Mind

How To Do Nothing and Silence Your Mind Doing nothing sounds like it’s easy. You’re probably saying “I don’t need to read on how to do nothing, I do that all the time.” That isn’t the kind of do nothing I’m talking about. This kind of do nothing is almost like meditating, and its an … Read more

Meditation as a Self Healing Practice

Mediation can have many great purposes, one of which is healing yourself. There are many fantastic stories and reports about people being healing by thought alone. I spent a good amount of my time studying and trying these different techniques out for myself to see if there was any truth behind it to be discovered. … Read more