A Look At Fixing Your Broken Relationship

No relationship is crisis-proof. In fact relationships form on the basis of dynamics of personalities. This could be in the form of teacher-student, husband-wife, teenager parent relations or the ones we form in our work environment. Damage and break- ups are as imperative to relations as mud is to dust or rain to clouds. One exists because … Read more

What Are The Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Soul?

Many ask “how” you can find your twin soul? Some ask “what do you do” when you find your twin soul? But to understand the true nature of a twin soul one should ask “what are the twinflames signs?” Unless you are in touch with your own soul chances are you will not recognize your … Read more

Good Listening: The Cornerstone For Healthy Relationships

Communication is a two way process needing the vital ingredients of openness, humility acceptance and listening with your heart. Numerous opportunities of speaking and listening arise every single day. It could be with a co-worker, with your child, your superior, or your spouse. What usually happens is that it ends up becoming an ego tussle … Read more

What is a twin flame or twin soul?

Twin flames are also referred to as twin souls. Twin flames are two parts of a soul split and separated to gather experiences before getting back together. The twins are two whole souls, male and female. Their separate identities are formed by the diverse experiences they gather when away from each other. This is the … Read more

How Do You Fall In Love That Lasts Forever

Being in love can improve the quality of your life in all areas. It can reduce stress, increase happiness and, sometimes, give you a reason to get up in the morning. But when love falls apart, it can have the opposite effect. So how do you fall in love that lasts forever, and have the … Read more

How Do You Know If You’re Falling in Love?

A lot of people would say that falling in love is the best feeling in the whole world, that nothing can come close to this. Just look at the couples that have been together for over a decade. Most of them still remember how things started between them. Falling in love is one of the … Read more

Tips on How to Get Other Peoples Respect

It’s the nature of a human being to strive to be accepted, recognized and also gain the respect of other people. No one would like to be regarded as unworthy, with an acknowledgement, as of no importance and no respect. But respect has to be earned, you cannot just by any random chance get the … Read more

How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Best Friend

We all have friends. Sometimes, the people you may think are your friends may turn out to be the opposite. Other times, those we think are our enemies may actually be better than those we think are our true friends. In friendship, there should be trust, love and understanding. A best friend is not the … Read more

How to Make Friends on Facebook

Keeping in touch with friends is a luxury taken for granted today. Social Networks are available on many devices: computers, cell phones, iPhones, iPads, etc. With the software and hardware already available, the real concern is filling up your Facebook list of friends. Friends are everywhere. Whether you are a new user of Facebook or … Read more

50 Things You Can Do On a Date

There is a lot of pressure on people, these days, to impress their dates. This is true for both younger and older people. The reason for this is that because information is so easily accessible to people, not many things remain unique and special.This can make it particularly difficult for an individual to be different … Read more