Sell Your Old Postcard Collections – Antique Vintage


Have lots of old postcards or paper items that you’d like to sell?
I work for one of the largest online vintage postcard dealers in the world. We buy hundreds of thousands of postcards yearly. We pay cash instantly for you cards and even cover the shipping cost. If the collection is large enough we will make arrangements to have it picked up.
We are very interested in 1000s of cards but if you just have small box full and want us to look through them and see if anything is of value we will gladly do so.


We are Always Buying these topics:

  • Large Postcard Collections, Postcard Albums, Photo Albums & Scrapbooks pre 1970s, and other Ephemera
  • Any US State & Town Views
    (Especially Interested in California, New England & East Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and any small towns)
  • Foreign Countries – Especially Asia, Africa, Mexico, South America, US Territories
  • Deaccessioned Postcard Collections & Archives from Libraries, Museums, Historical Societies
  • Dealer Stock, New-old-stock (NOS) – Retiring Postcard Dealer? Lets talk!
  • Postcard production materials (original photos, layout boards, lithograph proofs, etc.)
  • Modern and Continental (4×6 and larger) Chrome Postcards of Celebrities, Advertising, People, etc.
  • Real Photo Post Cards (Identified & Unidentified) and Photographs & Snapshots
  • Advertising, Salesman’s Samples, Linen Motels/Hotels, Restaurants & Roadside
  • All Holidays
    Halloween, Christmas/Santas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Groundhog Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day
  • Rare, Unusual, Bizarre Postcards of any Kind

Postcard Topics:

  • Airlines, Airports, Aviation, Aligator Borders, Amusement Parks, Angels, Arcade Cards, Artist Signed Postcards, Asylums and Institutions, Banks, Barber Shops, Bathing Beauties, Baseball, Beer & Breweries, Billiards, Black Americana, Boxing, Boy Scouts, Cars, Autos, and Trucks, Chimney Sweeps, Circus, Composers, University and College Girls Series, Civil War, Coca-Cola, Trolley, Train and Bus Depots and Stations, Doctors and Nurses, Disneyand, Dressed Animals, Erotic, Exhibitions, Factories and Mills, Famous People & Celebrities, Fire Engines, Firemen, Fishing, Football, Gambling, Poker, Gas Stations/Service Stations, Hockey, Horse Racing, Hunting, Immigration, Indians / Native American, Main Street Scenes, Masonic, Mermaids, Mining (Gold, Silver, etc.) Motorcycles & Bicycles, Music & Musicians, Novelties (3D/Lenticular, Leather, Hold-To-Light, etc), Nudes, French Nude, Ocean Liners, Political, Presidential, Prisons & Jails, Propoganda (US & Foreign), Railroad, Red Cross, Restaurants, Retail Stors, Rodeos, Route 66, Ships, Snowmen, Sports, Surfing, Tobacco, Smoking, Town Views, Trade Cards, Trading Cards, Trains, Trolley, Trollies, War Ships, Military, Watches & Clocks, Cowboy, Western, Veterinarians

If you want to sell us your postcards first contact us via email and let us know what you have. After that we will make arrangements to pay you or for you to send in your postcards to be appraised by a dealer. We do not issue any payment until we receive and inspect the postcards. Thank You

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