16 Reasons Why Self-Care Matters when it comes to Business Success

Nowadays all of us are so engrossed in trying to succeed that we overlook the most important person of all. You might be thinking who we are referring to. Well, the answer is you. Yes, we are talking about you. Everyone is trying to make something of them, and in doing so, we hardly pay … Read more

6 Ways to Stop Being Impatient in Life

Everybody agrees that patience is a virtue. How about impatience? Should we consider it as a vice that people need to get rid of? Given the fact that impatience deteriorates mental health and decreases productivity, it is important for people to let go of their impatience in order to lead healthier and happier lives. The … Read more

6 of the Most Powerful Types of Meditation

If you think that there is only one type of meditation in the world, then you are not alone. Nearly every single beginner is caught with surprise upon discovering that there are multiple types of meditation out there. The differences between these meditations are often very subtle and hardly evident. This is why you get … Read more

5 Meditation Techniques That Will Change Your Life

A lot of people make up their minds about starting meditation but are unable to fulfil their wishes because they do not have a solid plan to rely on. Meditation is not all about find yourself a nice little corner in your living room, facing the rising sun and deeply concentrating on trying to find … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Need Meditation In Your Life

There are countless people in the world today who are still under the impression that meditation is an act that is reserved for the saints and sages. Perhaps it is an excuse that people use to avoid the beautiful experience of meditation. You do not have to be a man or woman of faith to … Read more

5 Steps to Managing Your Response to Chronic Stress

Today’s world is a stressful world. We work extra hours in order to pay ever-growing bills.  We drive our children to activities all over town and stay up late to complete even more work or–if we’re lucky–spend some quality with our partner.  Meals are on the run and often unhealthy.  We drink caffeine to make … Read more