10 Motivation Killers That Are Dragging You Down

“I’ll just begin tomorrow.” Whether it’s the time, to begin with, a healthier lifestyle using a new diet or a workout routine. Or initiating the plan to become more organized and strategic, beginning a pending research/essay/exam preparation or simply undertake any new challenge that needs to be fulfilled, we often hear ourselves utter this phrase … Read more

20 Crazy Thoughts Every Runner Has Experienced

Runner or a health conscious or maybe an exercise enthusiast? No matter what category you fall under, it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy reliving the thoughts you have while running on the track.It will be like watching a documentary with you as the subject as well as the narrator, and you will be … Read more

8 Toxic Things You Need to Stop Doing Today

How precious is your life to you? This is a question that you have probably never tried to answer unless you have experienced a near death encounter. It should not take a car accident or a fall down the stairs or a natural disaster for you to realize that your life means a lot. Sure, … Read more

5 Things You Should Know About Guilt

If there was ever a thing that was worthy of being labelled as a psychological cancer, it would be guilt. Guilt is experienced universally, yet so poorly understood. Among all the feelings in the world that are intimate to your soul, guilt is the one that eats you up from the inside. In scientific terms, … Read more

5 Things That You Should Know About Self Esteem

In a world full of negativity, it is important that we talk a little less about the psychological disorders that we are vulnerable to and shed more light on the innate psychological accessories that we are yet to explore. The modern man fails to keep pace with the demands of work, academic duties and social … Read more