12 Reasons Why Daily Complaining Is Ruining Your Life

It is all in your hand to change your attitude towards life. The time you are wasting complaining, which you justify as venting is not benefiting you. You need to transform your thoughts and words into gratitude to see the positives in life.

Here are 12 reasons why you finally need to end this daily dosage of chronic nagging:

Reaffirm Negativity in your mind

The mind is your safe haven and canvas, where what you paint becomes your outlook towards life. If you are constantly absorbing the negativity around you, it will become a part of you, believe it or not! The mind is a very impressionable, it will accept what you give to it.

Complaining is reassuring the negativity put out into the universe, which is going to be ruining your life. The messages and hints you pick on, help train your brain to focus on the darkness and unwanted negative things in life. Your mind will be programmed to think negatively, reliving all the negative experiences in life, again and again. Now, you wouldn’t want to self-inflict the pain and torture to yourself. Therefore, the positive vibes you take in, the more you can spread.

Cancel out all the positives

Life is a roller coaster ride. It has its ups and downs. When we completely focus on the down parts in life, it leads to ruin your life. You wonder how? Well, the answer is simple, while you complain about the petty issues, you completely forget the good things in life. The idea of being grateful for the day is somehow lost in the process. You forget, that you are alive, and breathing. All these matters won’t be of any importance after some time. You just shutdown the brain from positivity.

Having a feeling of gratefulness triggers a calming and happy effect on the human brain, that is why we ought to thank for the small things in life. When you make your mind conscious of the good times, then walking down memory lane gives positive vibes. Try to shift the focus back to the positives.

Drive others away from yourself

Just like happiness is contagious, negativity is too. No matter what you do, but the people you hang out with greatly affect your mood, and thinking. When you are always complaining, it is ruining your life, and others around it. Trust us, no matter how much close someone is to you, they will eventually step away from all the complaining.

This habit of complaining sets a negative and gloomy atmosphere that brings the place crashing down. Always looking around for reasons to nitpick and pester is ought to bring the negative feelings out of you. This negativity might affect your family and friends, that they start associating you with those negative feelings. Bring that little Ms. Sunshine out of you! Everyone wants to have positivity and happiness around them.

Negativity only brings more negativity

You want to move forward in life, not backward. So, the only thing in life holding you back is your constant complaining about everything and anything! The negatives are linked with certain life events about which we complain, messing your chi.

You need to stop ruining your life today, for a better future tomorrow. Focus on what you want from life, even after all the tragic happenings distracting you from the main goal. Take your emotions into consideration, fight your way out of all the drama. Complaining has the power to misguide you, make you lose focus and determination. Don’t let the negativity control you, but make it your driving force to get out of any situation life throws at you.

Keeps you stuck in the past

Let’s take the example of the most innovative and creative man of all time, Walt Disney’s life struggles. Today, the Disney merchandise is cashing tons and tons of money. If we walk down history lane, you will get to see the struggles Walt became the man he was. He worked in a newspaper company, which fired him on the lack of creativity. Imagine, a man of his caliber fired on this notice.

Can’t believe it, right? Well, that the truth. If he had taken this point to the heart and not worked for success, but complain for the rest of eternity. Our childhoods wouldn’t have the Disney movies, products or trips to theme parks. He didn’t take losses in business, to stop his head from cooking a recipe for success. Therefore, you must not allow setbacks and failures from ruining your life. Make the best out of the situation, and learn from it. Remember, failure follows complaints!

Keeps us stuck in judgment

When you complain, you are stuck in vicious cycle of pointing fingers at other, where as others are achieving greatness. Stop complaining for a while and take a look around. Keeping reminding yourself, that you can’t always play the blame game if you want to succeed in life. You need to take responsibility to straighten things out.

You can’t change anyone, the only thing in your hands is your attitude towards the problems they pose to you. Break the cycle of complaining, to stop yourself from ruining your life. Moreover, there is a better chance to be Zen, only if you leave your habit of controlling and micromanaging.

Keeps you from being fantastic in the present

An amazing life theory to live your life to the fullest, finding the humor in the toughest situations. Never back down just, because you can’t handle what life throws at you. All takes is compassion, motivation and a little courage to conquer any situation. Bring out the best of each satiation. Don’t let the negative insurgency beat you down. Embrace the situation, because with every situation there comes a funny story to tell in the future. If you are a free spirit and feed the forces of good, then ruining your life isn’t an option.

Keep you from looking into the future

The world is your oyster, don’t restrict it with your complaining. What if the past hurt you? Are you still going to live with the regrets? This surely isn’t the way to live your life. Future holds great promise for you. Keep on dreaming and loving the future.

You never know, when your star is going to shine. Rise out of the downwards spiral, like Abraham Lincoln. He was defeated in the legislation elections, failed for running for senate twice and speaker of the house, but then he rose to power, as the president of the United States. He was fighting depression, but if he failed to hope for a better future, do you think he would have kept fighting against all the odds? Not really, right. Complaining fogs up the vision. Take control and put an end to ruining your life. Life is a help yourself buffet.

Stops success to come up your door

The more your invested in complaining, the more your lose precious time to be productive. For the world to achieve more, we need everyone’s input. In battle, we require an army with a mindset to win, an A-game till the finish line. Keep the negative vibes away, as much as possible. Live and let live! The perfect motto to climb your staircase to success.

Your partner begins to feel unworthy

Any successful relationship requires two-way communication, but when one person is complaining 24/7, the connection is lost somewhere in between. This causes a negative impact on the relation because your partner feels unworthy. The situation gets worse, as they fall into depression and feel all alone in a relationship. They’ll start reconsidering the reasons they are with you in the first place. It is super hard on your partner to hear negativity, as you become an obsessive complainer. It is as if one of you took the position of being a constant complainer and the other of the emotional brunt.

Your partner stops listening to you

Being around a constant complainer is going to ruin your life. A constant urge to complain about the little details is stopping your relations from growing. The complaining is emotionally exhausting. The more you complain, the more skilled your partner will become at tuning you out and completely ignoring the nagging. He/she will be in such a habit to filter your complaining, that important things conveyed will be filtered out. The best way to save your relationship is rant it out with a friend or start writing a journal.

Kills innovation

The more you complain, the more negativity gets to your head. This is a hopeless case, carrying all the world’s responsibilities on your shoulder. You don’t need to save the world. Start with saving yourself, first! If you’re a chronic nagger, you are bound to shut down new ideas at work. Nothing can get past your judgment and picking. No, new innovative ideas can be implemented to good use.

That is all from our end folks! There is Superman to save you, from ruining your life. Take charge now and stop complaining all the time.