The 8 Most Inspirational Short Stories I’ve Heard

Inspiration comes from within, but what if you lost your inspiration? Well, the perfect anecdote is all you need to bring back the driven person in you. Don’t lose all hope, look on the bright side to charge yourself up! Create a way out of the mess.

This article is highlighting the 8 most inspirational stories we have come across:

The Elephant Rope

Once a man was walking through an elephant camp, when it struck him suddenly. He saw that the huge, majestic creatures were just kept in the camp with a rope tied to their front leg. He was amazed that no cages were to be spotted anywhere in the camp or the elephants at any point chained. Now, the question kept bugging him, what was holding the gigantic creatures from escaping the camp? Seeing the whole concept baffled so much, that he has to ask the elephant trainer.

He questioned him, “How is that they had an elephant run away because the rope was too brittle compared to the animal’s strength?” the trainer with a straight face explained. “The elephants are conditioned to think from childhood, that they can’t break the rope. This sticks with them forever. This is why a small rope is sufficient to prevent a breakaway. They have learned to live with it, believing the rope can still hold them.”

If we analyze the situation closely, humans tend to suffer from the same condition, after experiencing failure in life. They believe, that if once they failed, they are destined for failure in that particular thing. We completely forget that failure is part of success and learning experience. Therefore, never give up the struggle in life. Be the next inspirational story for the future generations!

Kentucky fried chicken

This inspirational story is of no other than Colonel Sanders. This man had the determination of young lad to change his life. He was in a crisis at the age of 65, without any money, living in a tiny house and a trashy car. He had no source of income, just his $99 social security checks to live off. The only thing which changed was his determination in acing the chicken recipe; his friends drooled over.

He knew the only shot to change his living circumstances, would be from something he excelled at. Therefore, he left his hometown, Kentucky to visit different restaurant owners in various states. But this didn’t turn out to be a fruitful venture; Colonel was willing to give the recipe for free, and take a minute percentage of the chicken sold. Colonel struggled to convince anyone. He was persistent and calm in the situation because he believed this chicken recipe was his redemption of life and key to success.

He heard 1009 rejections, before the yes that changed his life! Thus, KFC was born for the whole world to enjoy the juicy, crispy fresh chicken for days to come. The moral here is, never give up on your dreams, even when things aren’t going in your favor. Cook up your recipe to success.

The right place

A heartbreaking, yet an inspirational story. The baby camel asks his mother questions, about their adaptations constantly. Like what were the long legs, long, thick eyelashes, humps, and rounded feet were for? The mother quite smartly answers each question, giving the logical reasons. The thick, long lashes protected them against sandstorm; the legs helped in walking, and hump to store water. However, the last question left the mother dumbfounded, that why were living in the zoo with all the adaptations?

So, the moral of the story is your skills and abilities can only be used in the right place. If you are stuck at some place, which isn’t healthy for your mental growth and stability, then printing money isn’t going to help.

The group of frogs

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Once a group frogs were going through the woods that two poor frogs fell into a deep pit. The frogs saw the depth and told the frogs to settle for the best because there was no way of jumping out. One of the group took the advice of the frogs, and gave up, falling to his death. The other frog jumped till his last breath, even after constant discouragement. He managed to get out. The Frog thought, he was getting encouragement from the crowd, but it was exactly opposite. It turned out he was deaf, lucky guy!

It teaches us to filter out the negative words of people. Words have the power to change lives; it can be a matter of life and death at times. Save yourself from the negativity, remembering the inspirational frog!

Pound of butter

The interesting turn of events in the story is an inspirational one. The baker and farmer were dealing since a long time. The farmer provided the butter for the bakery. One day, the baker checked if he was being cheated on the amount of butter he got. It turned out the butter was less because the farmer has limited resources to own a weighing scale. The farmer challenged him to court. The judged inquired of the charge, on which the baker said, “He had been weighing the butter, against the loaf of bread he got from the baker.” This meant the only person to blame was the baker because he was not honest in his business.

Therefore, we should think before pointing fingers at others. We never know what karma has in store for us. Stop cheating others, and expecting life to be fair!

The obstacle in our path

There was a King once, who intentionally placed a boulder in the midway of the road. He watched himself to see anyone moved it. Many rich people and Kinsmen came and went, complaining, but none bothered to clear the pathway.

Ultimately, a hardworking peasant carrying his vegetable cane, and saw the boulder. He used all his strength to push the boulder, finally, when he did, he went to get his vegetables. He saw a purse in the same place, as the boulder. It had gold coins, and note explaining the King’s plan to gift the gold to the person who removed the boulder.

No matter who you are, inspirational moments like these show your true character. Whatever life throws at you, take it as an opportunity to improve yourself. No one is coming to help you!

The butterfly

This man ended the struggle of a butterfly, who was struggling to get out of its cocoon. While he observed the beauty and struggle that it looked like the butterfly was stuck. The man interfered nature’s ways and snipped off the cocoon. This caused the butterfly to have a swollen body and shriveled wings. He hoped the wings to expand and body to shrink in size. He waited for hours, but no such thing happened. The butterfly was handicapped for the rest of its life; it could not fly. It had a swollen body that the tiny wings could not bear the weight of.

Therefore, changing the course of nature effected the life of the butterfly, even if the man had the purest of intentions. The small opening in a cocoon and the struggle was God’s way of forcing the fluid in the wings, from the body. When this happened, it was easier fly.

So, we learn that no matter what we do we should trust nature’s way of training us, to learn from our struggles. Our struggles shape us into what we are today! We develop our strengths. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Tackle each situation on your own, not depending on anyone for assistance. Look up any inspirational person; they helped themselves.

Control your temper

One of my favorites that inspired me to join anger management classes. Father suggested his son, who had a very bad temper, which every time he lost his temper hammer a nail into the fence. The father handed him nails and a hammer. He hammered 37 nails on his first day. Eventually, he had control over his temper, and the number of nails hammered decreased, gradually. It became easier to control his temper with each passing day.

The day arrived when he didn’t lose temper at all, which is a father was waiting eagerly for. Now, the second step was to remove the nails every day he kept his temper under control. Finally, all the nails were gone. He brought his father to the fence, who took his son’s hand and led him to the fence. The father made his son realize, the damage it had caused them to the fence, no matter what he did it would remain there. He taught the kid, that anger leaves scars and hurts people upon whom we take it out on. It wouldn’t matter, if you kept apologizing, they would persist.

The inspirational way a father teaches his son to control his anger is mind blowing. We can’t take back anything, once we have said it. You will regret the bitterness, later! Therefore, work on your anger to stop hurting people and yourself, as well.

That’s all for today! Hope you guys get inspired by these amazing, inspirational stories. Kudos!