12 Ways to Use Fear as Motivational Fuel

Think about the confident people around you; the ones who know what they are aiming for. These people are no different from you. They also face unfortunate events, feel the fear of losing something and have their insecurities. People conveying messages of how to overcome our fears are doing it with good intentions but ever thought how fear can be used as a motivational fuel in your life?

Fear can turn out to be of temporary use to you. Here are the best 12 ways to use fear as a motivational fuel:


Motivation is always around the corner, all you need is an eye for it. The fear of losing or failure is not healthy to bottle it up. The longer you keep it looked it up, the more you begin to procrastinate, cooking up a recipe for disaster! So, when feeling out of control discuss with friends, family or even colleagues. Your mentors will be able to give the best advice. But all this to happen, the prior step is put your pride aside.

Any brainstorm activity should be welcomed. Looking at other’s perspective might return the motivational fuel missing to ignite the fire! Many of you fear to ask for advice, that you will be judged or shunned down. Don’t fear to ask, leave your guard down and ready to accept help in every shape.


Being successful isn’t easy, and there are no Fairy Godmother to help you as well. It takes the time to progress. You can’t be a one man army, thinking everything can be done just by you. You will ware yourself quicker than you planned.

Therefore, getting help from others is important. You need the monster inside you to stop micromanaging each thing, leave your obsession with control. You have the same amount of time, like everyone else in a day. Start outsourcing, sprinkle the motivational fuel over other talented people. Make it habit to delegate tasks around, this reduces your workload, and for future reference, you know whom you can rely on.

Seek expert advice

If you are trying to open up a small bakery, then talking to someone who has some entrepreneurial background might help you. They will make life much easier. They can be a source of motivational fuel in your life when you hit dead ends. The advice is much more valuable because they know what exactly you will encounter or facing. Pick the brains of successful people, to expand your horizon of knowledge.

For example, you have money, but don’t know what to do with it or how to invest it, for your benefits. Then, hiring a financial advisor is the smartest move. Firstly, they will guide you to with financial strategies and teach you tricks, as well. Moreover, every one person you meet in life will teach you valuable things, depending on the there area of expertise. So, keep your ears open and listen carefully. Outsider perspective and criticism is critical for growth, remember!

Keep moving forward

The key to success is persistence, work-hard. Don’t be scared if things didn’t go as planned. Failure is no reason to crawl back in your shell or dark place. Failure only means, that great things are waiting for you. No successful person has yet, climbed the staircase of success without failing. They failed ample of times, to get to their goal. Just believe all these hurdles are tests, and you can pass them.

Keep making decisions to move forward, which can be done when you harness your fear. Remember, motivational fuel is scarce if you are not willing to turn your fear into your greatest motivator! You need to take charge of fear or let it control you; it is all in your hands.

Think like great people

The owe-striking, legendary racer Mario Andretti has the most inspiring way of explaining a simple logic. He said. “ If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” This means you need to experiment; no business can flourish if it can handle the storm. You need the power of withstanding a storm. Any successful entrepreneur and their business is the sole driving force of the economy. So, any motivated person determined to achieve their goals, is the economic engine of a country, then letting your fear interfere looks right? Absolutely not! Stop the nagging voice in your head, to hold you back from achieving greatness. Every business start-up, like Microsoft, Facebook and Google if were low on energy and let their fears take the driving seat, you they have been this successful? No, so be the next big shot of your time.

Make your comfort zone uncomfortable

The idea is simple when a seed grows in an unfavorable environment, it has adaption advantages. The have stepped out of their comfort zone and managed to achieve more. Set bars for yourself to reach your goals. There is no time for slacking; you need to charge on your motivational fuel. Imagine, watching movies daily or working on your public speaking skills daily, which one would you prefer? Any normal person would binge watch because it is more comfortable.

No one likes stepping out of their comfort zone, to go the extra mile. Well, to succeed you need to develop habits that will help in personal growth, like public speaking, blog writing and much more. Make deadlines yourself, bet your friends and family, be innovative to make yourself push your limits. All this will help you step out your comfort zone, as it is no longer comfortable.

Care about your supporters than your haters

The fear of rejection and criticism is fully loaded in our tiny little brains. We completely forget that fear is only as deep as the mind allows. There is a constant need to fit in and accepted in the human psyche. It is normal to fear to be misfits, but be considerate towards your supporters. Block out the haters’ criticism. That’s all the motivational fuel you need to thrive for your dream, the fear of letting them down. Direct your focus to your benefit!

Fulfill your future self’s desires

Trying new things broadens the horizon, only amateurs fear change. Be successful enough to build the Titanic, not an ark. Ride in style! Use the disappointment to your favor. Imagine, not living your dreams, that surely ought to light the motivational fuel for you! As you see the opportunities you let slip out of your hand; you will realize the importance of the present, and the need to embark then and there. Playing safe or by the rules, isn’t going to make you remembered. So, keep questioning yourself is temporary discomfort important or need to halt a soul crushing future? The answer will get your energy rejuvenated.

Use fear as a teacher

Never limit yourself, it paralyzes you in your journey to success. Something are not mean to be done alone like alone Superman could not defeat everyone, but together with Justice League, it was done. If a superhero needs help now and then, we are ordinary people, asking for help is normal. Fear can have a positive or negative impact on you; therefore, build a team, find a mentor and develop skills to help you overcome fear. Know the underlying reasons for fear, and address them using various forms of therapy.

Focus on what you can influence

Only try to execute your power on things under your control. There is no need to stress over things that were never in your hands. Some things are supposed to be left in fate’s hands. Many politicians are great examples; they try to use their authority in things they can influence, not trying to step over the line into someone’s territory. Hence, try to aim your efforts at tasks and thoughts to get productive and positive results.

Focus on gratitude

Self-pity, resentment and bad attitude are motivational fuel killers. When your constants absorbed into negativity, then you are an enemy to yourself. For the little milestones, you achieve, be grateful as much as possible. Be ready to say thank you for simple things. Life is short, being grateful makes it worth living. It keeps things simple, and you end up spreading the joy and gratitude with others. Nature has a way of returning for your gratitude and humbleness, remember.


The human capacity can deal with a great number of challenges, but this results in losing valuable motivation. It causes you to lose your inspiration and you are stripped of your confidence each time you lose. Therefore, you need to push back and evolve according to the situation. Think of challenges as a jungle gym for your strength build up.

In the training process, you will learn to encompass your inner wisdom and direction. It is a beautiful process to create a strong foundation and keep moving forward.

That’s all for today folks! Look your fears in the eye and smile. Like Henry Ford, owner of Ford says, “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”