15 Time Management Secrets – Time To Manage Yourself!

Time management involves the ability to allocate and distribute your time systematically and logically between several duties that you are assigned to undertake. If you can effectively administer your time, not only will you benefit from increased productivity, but you’ll also ensure that all your required tasks are completed even under enhanced levels of pressures … Read more

15 Secrets to Being Happy At Your Job

Most of us sometimes might feel unhappy or overburdened at our current jobs, and that can be detrimental for our motivation. Additionally, our job performance can also be affected due to this. We understand that feeling so is natural, but when it starts to hinder your performance, then the problem starts. Don’t worry, though because … Read more

20 Crazy Thoughts Every Runner Has Experienced

Runner or a health conscious or maybe an exercise enthusiast? No matter what category you fall under, it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy reliving the thoughts you have while running on the track.It will be like watching a documentary with you as the subject as well as the narrator, and you will be … Read more

Solve Your Negative Mindset | Fact Opinion Method

Solve Your Negative Mindset | Fact Opinion Method   Negative mindsets are a constant topic that I write about. In my opinion they are the root cause of most people’s problems. Negative mindsets need to be eliminated and replaced with ones of optimism and positive thinking before you can really get to the next level. … Read more

When Things Seem Bad Just Take A Step Back

So many times a situation arose out of nowhere and appeared at first to be just horrible. I have found myself in the middle of several of these, and it feels like the walls are just coming down. From my experience and lessons I have learned this is almost never the case. Most of the … Read more