When Things Seem Bad Just Take A Step Back

So many times a situation arose out of nowhere and appeared at first to be just horrible. I have found myself in the middle of several of these, and it feels like the walls are just coming down. From my experience and lessons I have learned this is almost never the case. Most of the time after just a few hours or the next day everything that seemed really bad wasn’t that big of a deal at all. The problem is how to realize this when it’s happening and identify ways to fix it.

Think about you current situation. Really look at the facts and leave your opinions and speculation out of the mix. Try to figure out why it seems so bad and why you feel that way. If you come to a conclusion like “this is terrible and will only get worse” stop and look at what your saying. You made the situation terrible by pointing it out for one, the second problem is you already laid out the foundation for the situation to escalate to something worse.

Statements like this are destructive and lead to defeating behaviors and worsening situations. If you took the time to sit down and write down all of your problems on paper. Took out the speculations and opinions and wrote down just the facts, you would quickly find out that you are left with a lot less real issues than you originally thought. If you solved the root problems quickly you would also discover that things aren’t getting worse, they are actually improving because of all of the new focus and effort you are putting in to whats important. I’ve actually had bad days that stemmed from one small root problem or frustration. Once it is removed my whole world shifted and everything that bothered me didn’t seem as bad anymore. It’s actually quite weird how just taking one little stress away makes such a huge difference in everything else.

When we get worked up things seem so much worse than they really are. Until you get the art of identifying real problems mastered my best suggestion for you would be to take a step back or even walk away and come back later. This applies from everything under the sun. It could be used at home, work, with friends, finances, relationships, etc. Just something to think about. I hope this helps. Good Luck.