5 Ways to Get Your Children to Eat Vegetables

It is very difficult to get children to like something that they have grown a distaste towards. Children are very adamant about sticking to their selections and trying to change that will get you in trouble with them. This is especially true when it comes to food. Anyone who has ever parented a child knows … Read more

3 Easy Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Having beautiful, silky and glimmering hair is one of the best ways to standout in the crowd and make your presence felt. This is the kind of hair that every man or woman dreams to have. Unfortunately, this dream soon turns into a nightmare with the advent of hair loss. It is a terrible problem … Read more

16 Things You Can Do At The Park

Are you considering going to the park today? Why not? There are tons of things you can do at the park either by yourself or with others. Some of these things may cost just a small amount of money and others are free. 1. Go for a walk and enjoy the scenery. 2. Play tennis, … Read more

How To Identify & Eliminate Clutter

Do you think you could pick out all the things in your life that are clutter? If you’re really trying to get organized do you know where to begin? Being able to sort through all your stuff and identify what is clutter can be a chore in itself. I have put together a short list … Read more

How To Give Out Kind Criticism and Avoid Being Critical

Criticism is one of those things that most people dislike. If you are one of the few who actually like to be criticized then you may not understand what this article is talking about. Criticism is one of those methods for you to try and help somebody to improve on their skills by telling them … Read more

Tips On How To Think More Clearly

When I first started writing on this blog I was so scattered it was almost impossible to focus all of my thoughts down on one topic and stay there. I would be carrying the distractions from my day, around me, or even just the other tabs on my computer. I would have days were I … Read more

How To Stop Being Depressed Now

Depression affects nearly two thirds of people at some point in their lives.  It can be an incredibly damaging affliction to suffer through and can lead in a downward spiral towards other mental illness issues, such as anxiety and, in some cases, bi-polar disorder.  This article will present a number of ways you can combat … Read more

50 Things To Do On A Snowy Day

Winter is here! One truth about winter you may have noticed is that there’s snowy day lovers and snowy day haters. I count myself firmly in the first category and also hold the opinion that some people who don’t like snowy days just may need to explore the opportunities they bring more and learn how … Read more