Tips On How To Think More Clearly

When I first started writing on this blog I was so scattered it was almost impossible to focus all of my thoughts down on one topic and stay there. I would be carrying the distractions from my day, around me, or even just the other tabs on my computer. I would have days were I would just sit at my computer for hours not even getting a single sentence written down.  I said enough is enough and I had to figure out another way to accomplish things.

I tried several different strategies for effective thinking, but none of them worked better than getting rid of the distractions.  If I was trying to think and the phone rang. My concentration was broken. If I tried to write then tabbed over to check my email, then my concentration was broken. Even thinking about things that I had to do or things that happened during the day broke my concentration.

Here Are 7 Sure Fire Ways To Think More Clearly

  1. Turn off the distraction and let things be. Turn everything off even your cell phone if you can.
  2. Eliminate any distracting thoughts by simply tuning them out. There will be a time later on for worrying and thinking about things from your day. If you need to think more clearly then now is not the time.
  3. Relax and breathe deeply and slowly.
  4. Take care of anything you feel you need to first. Don’t try to focus your attention on something with a major item on your mind. Eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, feed the kids, etc. before trying to sit down and think.
  5. Be comfortable.
  6. Tell everyone around you that you that you need your thinking time and not to bother you with anything that isn’t life threatening.
  7. Focus, Focus, Focus

If you can master the art of clear thinking you can do your best work and solve problems you wouldn’t normally be able to. This is how I can sit down and write at one setting without wasting a ton of my time on unproductive things. Also works great if you have a problem you need to solve. Clear you mind and think right through it. Get it done and move on. Good Luck!