Time Can Be The Answer To Your Problems

Time Can Be The Answer To Your Problems

Have you ever had a problem and you sit there and just can’t solve it? Many times have I had ran into a road block solving a simple problem and tried for hours with no success. How did I eventually solve it? I just walked away, waited and came back.

There is great unexplained science behind this that there is no way that I could explain. But it works. I guess it might have something to do with the fact that your brain is stuck in a certain mode and until you get away from the problem and recuperate you will never have the right thought pattern to solve it. So in a since time can solve your problems.

I can be stuck so bad on something I want to do a little more than walk away. I was working on a car one time and I stripped the head of a bolt. I tried for every bit of 4 hours to figure out something and finally just gave up and said I was going to have it towed. I went inside mad cleaned up, took a shower, and got something to eat. Later on that night while I was watching T.V. it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I remembered somebody telling me one time that all I needed to do is hammer a smaller socket onto the bold and it would come right off.  The next day I went out there and within 15 minutes had the bolt off and the starter changed. If I would have stayed out there any longer the day before I would probably have gone insane.

Not saying that watching T.V. may be your big solution, but just simply give it some time. Even if the solution doesn’t come out right away it will eventually. Sometimes it may even take weeks or months to solve.  As long as it isn’t something you have to make a decision on right now, then sleep on it and you might be surprised by the results you get.  Good Luck!