10 Reasons to Stop Taking Hot Showers Every Morning

Having a hot shower in the morning makes us feel good, right? Bathing is an important part of the healthy routine; that too depending on the temperature and time spent showering. Even though we live in an era where hot water is easily available, it has been found that cold showers early morning have proved to be healthier than hot showers.

While highlighting a few benefits of a cold shower, we’ll look at the other side of the argument. If you are taking hot showers every day, this article will make you rethink and make you change your bad habits!

For some people, hot showers work like caffeine, stimulating them to wake up and take a fresh start to a new day but it might not be good for you.

Hot showers can help us relieve tension, ease our anxiety and soothe our muscles but is that the only thing to go for it, or is there more to it? Let’s have a look at some of the negative effects hot showers have on our physical health.

This article gives us all the good reasons why we should stop taking hot showers and switch to cold showers maybe.

Damaging your Skin Cells

The skin, containing three separate layers, gets affected by hot showers which harm the outermost layer, the epidermis. The cells which make up this layer of skin, known as keratin cells also get damaged. This layer plays a significant role in the prevention of various damages done to the skin because of hot water.

The keratin cells are present to protect the moisture inside your skin, but the daily exposure to the high temperature can damage the epidermis hence worsening the condition of the skin. Cracks and fragments can frequently be seen on your skin.

The other way round, cold showers do not damage the epidermal layer. There is no sign of cracks or dry skin in this case.

There is a possibility of a Heart Attack

Showering in hot water can be extremely harmful to human health. When in low temperature, the atmosphere is too cold; a hot shower can lead to a heart attack! A hot shower fastens the blood flow and increases the heartbeat.

In this situation, a warm shower would prove to be better than an extremely hot shower.

It causes dryness on the skin and removes essential oils

As the hot water damages and degenerates the skin cells, the most sensitive holes in the skin that keep the moisture inside the body get damaged. This results in leaving you with a cracked, dry skin. Also, sometimes your skin starts to get extremely red, and this might result in rashes.

The essential oils present in the skin are stripped off very easily by hot water, hence limiting yourself to 5-10 minutes of the warm or cold shower can help you improve the condition of your skin and bring back the natural beauty!

It is bad for Fertility/Testes Health

The testicle has been removed from the body to produce sperms at a lower and more suitable body temperature. Sperms are best developed in a cool environment, which is why everyday hot showers can be seen as a harm to male health.

Various studies have shown that mean who take hot showers on a regular basis are a high risk of infertility. A study shows that when men stop taking hot baths their fertility problems decreased and there was a noticeable increase in sperm count.

The overheating of tests can result in a low sperm count and infertility, but on the other hand, a cold shower can be beneficial for fertility rate.

The Damaging of Hair Cuticles

Remember the keratin cells we talked about earlier?

Here is another reason as to why keratin cells are so important to us; they also protect your hair. The hot water damages these cells and also the hair cuticles. As a result, the hair gets all dry and dead also leading to hair loss.

To prevent hair loss and damage, people usually do not wash their hair with hot enough water. However, when people do use hot water, it damages the scalp and hair follicles making your hair even thinner. The strength of your hair weakens slowly and gradually.

You hopefully DO NOT want to get bald so quickly!

Aggravating Acne

From the content written above, you might have thought about getting rid of acne through hot showers. The dryness that removes the oily bacteria from your skin would probably stop your acne, but this is just not true.

If your showers are too hot, this can easily produce acne on your skin and causing it to spread more. Hence, the usage of warm or cold water can maintain your natural beauty and turn out to be less horrifying.

The immediate change in  your Blood Pressure

Due to continuous shower in hot water, the blood vessels can swell, and an immediate change in the blood pressure can be seen; also known as vasodilation. It can turn out be very dangerous and risky for people with high blood pressure. Since the inner walls of the blood vessels increase in size, the flow of blood through the vessels also increases. This may result in a heart attack in patients with high blood pressure. This can be very alarming for your health.

Taking a warm or cold shower can reduce the risk of heart attacks and can be more satisfying to your health.


Some people might feel dizzy after a hot bath, which is because of the prevalence of blood pressure that gets worse after a hot shower. As discussed earlier, due to vasodilation, the body is not used to such extremes so this causes high blood pressure, and people start feeling shaky and weak.

Hot Baths can be very comforting

Apart from all the harms done to a person’s physical health, one of the major reasons to quit hot showers is that they are way too comfortable and way too destructive as well.

Whether you know it yet or not, you have come across this article to become better and for leaving your bad habits now! Getting used to the comfort provided by hot showers can create hindrance to your life and making it harder for you to achieve your goals. Hot showers may relieve stress but mark my words folks; they are not so relieving your stress.

All the other addictions like hot showers, e.g. watching too much television to excessive use of Facebook. These easy addictions can be alarming for your daily life. This way you will find it much harder to live your life with zeal and zest.

These easy habits ruin your daily routine, and if your routine is full of these habits, then they will not benefit you in any way. You will often find yourself laying around and simply doing nothing.

You’re ruining your Manicure. Oops!

Attention to all the ladies who love having long shaped nails.

While taking hot showers, we forget about the havoc it might be causing to your manicure. The exposure to hot water causes your nails to expand, leading to fragmentation and peeling.

According to sources, your nails absorb water from the shower they use their moisture causing chipping and breaking of nails.

Where hot baths dry our skin, cold showers can hydrate and help us get rid of a dry skin.

The 10 facts presented here will amaze those of you, who never think of missing their daily morning showers. If switching to cold showers seems more of a nightmare, there is no better option than a warm shower.