16 Reasons To Stop Eating Sugar All The Time

You don’t realize the amount of sugar, which one donuts in the office fridge you have been eyeing, since the morning. You are just wishing; no one else has attacked before you! Well, think again. Sugar has the power to disrupt our bodily functions that we are destined to doom. If you are consuming more dietary sugar than required, this article will open your eyes and make you see the devil for itself. A bunch of chocolates a day surely does not keep the doctor away. Change your lifestyle now for the best.

Give a read to the problems caused by the evil sugar sitting in your cupboard, in the form of cereals, biscuits, and many more products.

Leads to Cardiovascular Disease

If you were thinking, that having sugar day and night was the way to a healthy lifestyle, even if you worked out. Then, this is a total misconception, and you need to snap right out of it. It has the capability of disrupting the hormone cycle and metabolic activity, immensely. It not only adds layers of fat around the thighs or waist but massively increases lipid levels in the blood. Not being able to stop eating sugary delights, causes hypertension.

Latest researches suggest that consuming added sugars in diet raise the blood pressure. High blood pressure means the heart has to pump blood more vigorously, and with greater force. It can damage the small, delicate arteries. The likelihood of developing serious heart diseases increases rapidly. An interesting fact, anyone’s dieting composed of 25% calories from added sugar, will develop cardiovascular disease.


Sugar, if eaten nonstop, works as “devils food.” As if the devil rots away our soul, sugar tends to do the same for our body. Consumption for long periods cause hypoglycemia and insulin resistance. What is hypoglycemia, you ask? Hypoglycemia is when there is less glucose for the cells to utilize, as energy and there is extremely high sugar level in blood. Hypoglycemia leads to type 1 or 2 diabetes. This is a big red signal to stop eating. Moreover, insulin production cannot cope up with the it in the blood. Still, need reasons to stop eating sugar? Imagine, getting pricked for a blood sample every few hours. Painful, right? Break your habit, now for the best.

Disrupts kidney function

The level of damage a mouth-watering bowl of ice cream, topped with whipped cream and nuts, is surely not a cherry on the top moment for kidneys. All the sugar causes kidney stones, itching, burning and peeing every after every 20 minutes, due to urinary tract infection. If you are a fan of pain and love passing kidney stones, then go ahead with the huge ice cream bowl. Furthermore, it surges up the chance of gout tendencies, abdominal pain, fever, full-blown bladder infection and blood in urine. Think again, before eating the sweets you crave for.

Makes you smell bad

It makes you stink naturally, because of the imbalance of hormones, increase in sweating, malfunctioning immune system, poor digestion, a decrease in liver and kidney function. You need to let go of the chocolate, already. Imagine, stinking up the place when you enter. No one would want to hang out with someone with unpleasant body odors. It will be a blessing for the mankind if you put an end to your addiction once and for all.

Destroys your liver

Consuming food rich in refined sugar, like juice, soda, syrups and much more cause the liver to overwork. Imagine, an engine working 24/7 it is bound to fall apart once, and then stop working. The same is the case, in our body, the liver works overtime to process these sugar devils. This compromises its overall ability to function and ignores other important functions. This leads to more fatigue, increase in uric acid level, gout, hypertension and kidney stones. Moreover, the increased intake of sugar can fatten the liver up, that leads to liver disease, insulin resistance, organ failure, to name a few problems.

Sugar makes you fat

Added sugar is empty calories! So, thinking one day you can go crazy and enjoy your cheat day eating the next sugar coated donut, you get your hands on. Well, stop there! Sugar is the world’s most pointless food if you look at the nutritional value. There is no minerals or vitamin, just a calorie baggage for your belly fat! Pancreases have to produce insulin, to convert glucose into glycogen, the reserved form. When the blood sugar levels are high, insulin production is the priority of pancreases; therefore, neglecting other hormones regulating weight, stress, digestion, and metabolism. This causes an imbalance and results in gaining more weight.

Increases bad cholesterol

When you have sudden urges of sugar, you completely forget about your cholesterol problem. Another, factor that might help you say your final goodbyes to sugar. It increases the bad cholesterol, LDL in the blood and promotes the production of triglycerides. This, in turn, effects your circulatory system, clogging arteries and blood vessels, constricting the diameter.

Dull brain activity

Sugar has the power to minimize the brain capacity like the Krypton did for Superman. The more you eat sugar, the more you have impaired cognitive functions and trouble developing new memories. Sugar causes a low production of proteins, that help in improving responsiveness. There is less synaptic activity; the message is difficult to get across from neuron to the next. In addition, there is a high risk of brain structure to change, effecting other skills as well.

Cause dementia and Alzheimer’s

If your diet is rich is sugary food, then there is a great chance of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. You ask why, so? The answer is simple a chemical, BDNF is needed to form a new memory or remember stuff. Sugar causes the rapid decrease of BDNF levels, which further deteriorates your condition. If you notice that people suffering diabetes tend to forget stuff, that too is because of low BDNF.

Age quickly

Sugar isn’t your friend, remember that. If you think drinking a sugar drink quickly without anyone noticing won’t effect you, but you’re wrong. The pimples it will cause the next day will be punished for cheating your diet. Moreover, it makes the skin dull and wrinkled. Wouldn’t you want to look older than your age? High levels of sugar damage collagen and last in protein that makes the skin tight and elastic. No one wants the saggy skin. Save yourself from investing in aging creams and antioxidant pills.

Leading cause of cancer

Look at the number of people suffering from incurable diseases, like cancer. Every wondered why it wasn’t common in our grandparents’ time? Diet has a major role to play. Their diets very purely organic and today everything is refined. The refined products have excessive sugar and salt, and many preservatives that cause cancer. It increases the chance of pancreatic cancer, significantly.

Causes cavities

Sugar is the perfect source of food for bacteria. When we consume sugar drinks or snacks before sleeping, it increases the production of bacteria in the mouth. It causes the mass production of bacteria, building up plaque and an awful morning breath.

Weakens eyesight

Previously we mentioned, that sugar is the devils food. It is proving to be true. It is the reason why children have weak eyesight. They are glued to sugary cereals or chocolate cookies, that cause the lens of the eyes to swell. The swelling hinders with seeing ability. It is an alarming thing! Try to cut back on the number of sweets, as much as possible.

Decreases energy potential

The science behind feeling down, even after having the moistest, chocolate cake ever is, that sugar decreases the activity of orexin cells. The orexin cells are the redbull of your body! They keep you energized and induce a good metabolism. When these are not present or inactive, you feel sleepy all the time. Small and random quantities of chocolates give sugar rush, but eventually, even big doses don’t work and cause the opposite effect.

Causes Arthritis

Make your future better and stop eating sugar. You can’t even guess the negative effect it has on the joints. It makes your Arthritis worse. The joints of fingers hurt the most, save yourself from all the pain.

Causes breathing problems

The more added sugar in the diet, the greater are your chances of suffering from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The lungs are more susceptible to diseases, as the living condition for bacteria to flourish is greater.

That is it for today folks! If you eat natural sugar in the form of fruits, then it is perfectly fine. Just try to avoid the fructose loaded food products, to live a healthy and happy life. Remember, what you do today is going to shape your tomorrow. Kudos!