20 Reasons to Stop Watching Adult Videos

Many tend to develop a habit of watching exhilarating, sexualized videos from an early age. However, this becomes a habit very soon, that is kicking you hard in life! The alarming statistics will surely grab your attention, which a huge chunk of 12% of websites is solely for sexual pleasure purposes. Moreover, 42% people in a population of 6 billion are watching adult videos, among them 72% are men. The porn industry is one of the fastest growing industry, generating large revenues from you guys!

You need to believe it, that porn has an alarming effect on your brain. Take a look at the 20 reasons to stop watching kinky videos, to distract yourself from the main purpose of life.

Prevent Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major reasons in our generation that a man can’t satisfy his partner. The number of times he masturbates, to adult videos the greater chances of under-performance in bed. The problem is no longer sexual frustration but has turned in a psychological one. You develop performance anxiety, that will only get better with time after your brain rewires itself.

Restore your energy

If you are too invested in watching adult videos, throughout the day, then chances of masturbation increase drastically. Not breaking your habit of masturbation, that you need to visit the bathroom after every hour is a must. It takes a lot of energy and effort, which drains you physically and sexually. You won’t be able to cope up with all the workload or satisfying your partner at night. Quitting will only revive your sexual drive and bring the steam back in your love life!

Increase your productivity

Always glued to your laptop or phone? On the quest to find the perfect adult video? Losing precious time, just to satisfy your urges. It is time to realize what is important. You need to take full charge of your life and start building your goals or work the rest of your life building someone else’s. The absence of masturbation, not only rewires your brain but surges your productivity level of the charts.

Positively correct sexual desires and fantasies

Any human covets the unknown. It is human nature to love a mystery! But porn has the capability of taking the excitement out of life. It is already out there, whatever the other tempts you with, either you have watched it or masturbated to it! Don’t let it be a buzz kill for all your fantasies, desires and pleasures. Avoiding adult videos returns dopamine levels back to normal.

Change approach to sexual desires

Never set unattainable standards or develop a thirst for kinky stuff your partner is not into. Actual lovemaking is nothing like what they portray in the video. Once you grow out of your masturbation phase, you will realize with the addiction that it was not that excitable, watching porn every free minute. The heart grows fonder with age. Leaving your obsessive habit will help develop positive sexual desires.

Promotes healthy relationships

If you look closely at the trend of adult videos, it only objectifies people and sex. It makes the regular user infected with the same ideology, that it is always wild without the romantic part. It is not the reality, the more you understand, the easier will be to snap out of watching porn. Moreover, you are not emotionally, physically or sexually there for your partner.

Prevent social isolation

Most people tend to be guilt-stricken about their porn fetishes. The guilt interferes with their social encounters, making them feel awkward. In addition, when you are so invested in masturbating, you require your palace of intimacy. Therefore, you tend to close off to friends and family. Even, your love life is affected, because of your uncontrollable urges.

Prevents anxiety

It is reported by many regular watchers of porn, that once they worked on themselves, the social anxiety reduced. It was easier to talk to someone, they liked. No, whatever you say but anxiety eats you from inside. So, say you’re your farewell wishes to porn watching days. Adult videos also increase performance anxiety, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

Increased self-confidence

Believe it or not, but quitting porn has a huge impact on your self-esteem. The more you start investing your time in self-grooming and on managing work projects, it takes the idea of you being useless out of your head. You ought to feel more in control of your life and can overcome all life crises.

Prevents depression

The pleasure feeling you get after watching porn is the increase in dopamine level in blood. When you develop a habit, you can’t get the same high as before. Your brain will experience withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, it will more likely depress you. Also, we need to realize depression as a major problem, which can be left untreated.  The cycle of porn addiction is never ending, unless you are determined to break it once and for all.

Prevents personal shame

Adult videos have been considered to conflict with religious beliefs, social practice, ethnicity, and morals. It is a battle within yourself. The habit of compulsive masturbation negatively effects your brains. The self-inflicted shame will cause problems performing in daily life. So, this means no porn any shame. Make life a little simple.

Quitting porn saves you money

Even, if you are using a free site, you are still losing money. Want to know how? Well, the amount of time you sent on finding the perfect adult video, and watching it, literally wasted your valuable time. Time is money, remember. You could utilize this time for something productive. In addition, you can’t disagree with the fact, that is important to sustain life. Moreover, you do not want to deliver your money to the biggest, growing porn industry.

Keeps your PC safe

The quicker you realize porn is harmful, the better. Like for instance, porn has a lot of spam, virus, Trojan, adware, and malware software to infect your computer. This causes you to corrupt important data, and lose your files. If you’re using your PC at work, it spreads to each computer.

Restore the Oxytocin and Prolactin levels

Having a normal sex life is healthy for your brain functionality; it induces the production of oxytocin and prolactin. When you are alone masturbating to adult videos, it does not release the love and cuddles hormones, even when you climax. Sexual arousal requires both dopamine and prolactin release in blood.

Increased reward-motivated behavior

Dopamine level elevation will start effecting the same way; they once used to. Dopamine is the main reason for the rewarded-motivated behavior. When your stopped associating masturbation to dopamine release, then the sensitization begins. Quit your bad habits to feel the rush!

Encourages libido for life

Want a surged sense with natural libido for life? Well, the answer is simple, don’t engage yourself in unproductive acts. Put an end to an unhealthy lifestyle, leave behind all the tiresome feeling. Rejuvenate to tackle life once again.

Promotes your self-worth

There is a major downside of watching adult videos that you are watching something you can’t be a part of. This will be cool in the beginning, because of the arousing feeling. But at some point, it is just chipping away your self-esteem. Self-esteem is one thing not easy to build back, requires time and effort. Wait for the real thing and find yourself someone special.

Prevent preserve and twisted stigma

If track down the reason for the perverse behavior, it surely leads to pornography, masturbation, sexual abuse and aggressive conflicts in early years of life. At all people watching porn are like this, but you might start picking a few things from here and there, eventually.

Experience more satisfaction from the small things in life

Every successful person in life has been grateful for the little things life gives in return. When you are not so self=absorbed, you free time to do things that give you internal peace. A peaceful person is stronger than Superman. Peace and determination is the epitome of success.

Increase the testosterone levels

When you are sexually involved with someone, it increases your testosterone levels. But masturbation alone doesn’t have this power. Your body might be feeling a sense of satisfaction, but there is no actual benefit achieved. Testosterone has many great effects on a man, like increases energy levels, strength, physical stamina, red blood cell production, a healthy metabolism, liver function and prostate health. Moreover, apart from health benefits, there is improved memory, greater self-esteem, and self-control. Who doesn’t love a man with a deep voice and dominant, masculine features? Well, no one can. Do it the right way, to have more fun!

That is it, folks! Hope this article helps in overcoming your problem. If you read this article, you have stepped on the path to getting your life in order. Build back your lost self-esteem and give your love life another shot! Cheers!