How To Reach Your True Potential

It can be very frustrating to go on with life not knowing what you are supposed to achieve. Although life is a self-discovery journey and it may take sometime to reach your true potential, there are things you need to understand about yourself, your life and what you want to achieve. This is the only … Read more

What is Consciousness? Unlock Your Higher Self!

What is consciousness? Perhaps the deepest of questions and one that’s been debated by everyone from philosophers to religious figures, to scientists. I’d like to share with you some of my own thoughts on the subject and from there we’ll step into how this knowledge of consciousness can help us unlock our higher selves. What … Read more

How To Achieve Higher Awareness

Higher awareness brings more fulfillment in life. Many people end up getting stuck in life and never move on to a higher level of awareness. Instead, they maintain their beliefs and habits throughout life and, in turn, miss out on a life full of joy and fulfillment. Don’t let that happen to you. In order … Read more

10 Golden Rules To Live By

Most people crave to live a good life however they often realize that there are no clear guidelines to enable them govern their lives accordingly. The following 10 golden rules to live by will ensure that you live a good life full of happiness while giving you strength to handle adversities: 1. Worry about things … Read more

How to Find Out What Your Destiny Is

Why are we here and what is our purpose in life? This is an age-old question and one that many people have struggled with throughout the years. Many people will use various things like astrology, crystals, psychics, fortune tellers and many other entities to find out what they need, to find out what their destiny … Read more

Spirit, Mind and Soul Self-Improvement Tips

It’s not just about your body. In order to improve yourself, you need to improve your mind, spirit and soul as well. 1. Develop tolerance and patience- people make mistakes. The first step to finding peace with society and improving your self is by developing tolerance for those things around you. 2. Meditate- try to … Read more

How To Transcend Into Your Higher Self: 8 Ways

  Some people refer to the higher self as the real you that exists beyond this world, but for the sake of this article we will refer to the higher self as the more enlightened you; the you who is happier, healthier, and more spiritually connected to yourself and the universe around you. Following are … Read more

How To Increase Your Spiritual Senses

If you want the best from Life, you should become the master of your physical senses and be able to engage your spiritual senses with great faith. Many Sufis, monks and religious figures have experienced this and all religious books have described it. Thus it shows that there are spiritual senses along with our physical … Read more