How To Achieve Higher Awareness

Higher awareness brings more fulfillment in life. Many people end up getting stuck in life and never move on to a higher level of awareness. Instead, they maintain their beliefs and habits throughout life and, in turn, miss out on a life full of joy and fulfillment. Don’t let that happen to you.

In order to achieve higher awareness you must have awakenings, or moments of insights. While these moments can occur on their own, such as in near death experiences or through other tragedies, there are some things you can do in everyday life to help them occur.

Keep an Open Mind

Many people are stuck in life because their mind is closed to new beliefs and ways of thinking. If you want to achieve higher awareness, then don’t let this happen to you!
Keep an open mind and allow new beliefs or thoughts that make sense to you, enter into your life. This will allow you to evolve and grow as a person and view yourself, other people, and the world in new, enlightened ways.

This doesn’t mean that you have to accept every new theory or way of thought into your life. It just means that you are open to the belief that your way of thinking, doing and being is not the only way in life. There is always something new and exciting to learn that will add value to your life, no matter how small it may seem.

The best way to keep an open mind is to read new books. Even if you don’t think that you are going to agree with the topic, read it and allow yourself to view how other people think and believe. The chances are good that you will benefit in some way from the book, and this will help you have a better understanding of yourself and why you believe what you believe.

Realize That There is Always a Level of Awareness That Is Higher

In the moment, you may feel angry, and you may feel stuck in that negative feeling. If you stay stuck in anger, then it can be hard to raise your level of awareness and get into a better frame of mind.

It is important to realize that there is always a better level of awareness to feel in the moment and it is much easier to have insights and awakenings in these moments. For instance, acceptance, love, joy and peace are all ways that you can feel right now, if you are aware that they exist. All you have to do is choose to feel a higher level of awareness in the moment.

There are different ways to raise your level of awareness in the moment. Find ways that work for you and utilize them when you need to. For instance, just because someone makes you angry doesn’t mean you have to stay angry. You can practice gratitude, raise your level of awareness, and try to feel neutral about the situations.

For instance, you can say, “That person is trying to push my buttons and make me angry. Boy, I’m glad that I am not someone who makes other people feel bad.” This can help you view the situation from a more neutral point of view, and once you become neutral to the situation you can view it differently and, therefore, feel better in the moment.

Once you start to apply this technique moment by moment, you will incorporate it into your life day-by-day and week by week. In other words, searching for a higher level of awareness will become a healthy habit.

Be Mindful of The Moment

When you allow yourself to get caught up in the future or past, you may miss those life-changing moments that allow you to experience a higher level of awareness. They may be jumping up and down in front of your face, but if you are not in tune to the present moment, then you may not see them.

Kids are naturally mindful of the moment. They can move on from an upsetting situation and become instantly happy because of a new situation. Allowing yourself to be mindful like a kid is a great gift to yourself and your awareness.

Being mindful is accomplished in many different ways. One of the most common is meditation. By using meditation daily, you can draw your mind back to the current moment and focus on what is happening around you. This can occur whether you are meditating or not, because meditation teaches you to focus on your breath or another focal point, which is easy to grab onto at any point throughout the day.

For example, if someone makes you angry, then you may spend a good portion of the day thinking about what you should have said or being upset about how rude they were. However, if you are mindful of the moment, then you will not dwell on that past moment. Instead, your attention will be on the experiences you are having right now.

Take The Lesson Given To You

Sometimes we look at failures and other upsetting moments as a bad thing, but that is not what they are! They are moments that provide us insight into ourselves and everything around us. They are usually the moments that we have awakenings and move to a higher consciousness, so it is important to always see the lesson in the experience.

The easiest way to take the experience and make it a lesson is to see the glass half full. For instance, if you get a bad review on your work, then you may want to decide that you have learned what your boss does not like and be thankful that you will not be likely to get a bad review again with your new knowledge.

In the end, having awakenings and insightful moments is how to achieve higher awareness; however, if you are closing yourself off to those experiences then you may miss them when they come. Keep an open mind, reach for happier feelings, be mindful of the moment, and learn from all your experiences to allow yourself to truly become more aware.