What is Consciousness? Unlock Your Higher Self!

What is consciousness? Perhaps the deepest of questions and one that’s been debated by everyone from philosophers to religious figures, to scientists. I’d like to share with you some of my own thoughts on the subject and from there we’ll step into how this knowledge of consciousness can help us unlock our higher selves.

What is Consciousness. Unlock Your Higher Self

Let’s start with consciousness. Conscious has been described by one author at least as the “last surviving mystery.” Perhaps a bit romantic, but I’m inclined to agree. We can, however, unveil the mystery ever so slightly to bring us to deeper understanding.

* Consciousness is Being Awake. Doctors define consciousness as being able to respond to outside stimulation. As being “wakeful”. Something tells me a philosopher like G.I. Gurdjeiff would smile at that definition. Gurdjeiff set his life’s goal as “awakening” as many people to consciousness as possible. To be more “awake” is to be more “consciousness”. Remember this point when we consider how to unlock our higher self.

* Consciousness is Being Self-Aware. Self awareness is the ability to determine that you are a separate entity from you surroundings (this doesn’t disqualify some of the ideas about us all being connected, but we’ll save that for a future discussion!) In other species this is less developed but still certainly exists. Ours sense of self-awareness is incredibly detailed and organized, featuring a myriad of levels and depths and is truly what helps define the “self.”

* Quantum Consciousness? An interesting new theory involves the idea that consciousness is the result of quantum particles changing form as they reach certain energy levels. The debates surrounding this idea are quite exciting, seeing science and mystic / spiritual ideas nearly merge as one at some points. Check them out.

Now a very, very important thing to understand is that levels of consciousness as defined above vary to extreme levels from person to person, even among similar age groups, cultures and IQ levels. This is where self-development and spiritual practice comes in. Through hard work we can raise our own levels of consciousness perhaps one day achieving the goal, referred to by many as (dare I say it) enlightenment!

How do we do this work? Let’s take a look at some ideas and methods to unlock your higher self!

1) Open up your mind with meditation. Discussing meditation techniques will have to come later, but make no mistake ALL the forms of meditation serve to quiet the barking, chattering subconscious mind and bring us closer to unlocking our higher selves. The importance is a daily (or twice daily) practice. Results come from steady work with meditation, so give it a chance to do its magic!

2) Yoga. Without becoming comfortable in our bodies we have little chance of seeing our higher self emerge. There’s no better way to become comfortable and learn to control our bodies than yoga. Information about yoga is so widespread now finding quality information or instruction is no chore at all. Personally, I recommend either Hatha or Kundalini yoga practice at first if you’re new to this area. Once you build a foundation in the art feel free to explore other schools. When yoga is combined with meditation practice a real synergy develops and is a thousand-year old path to helping you unlock your higher self.

3) Keeping a Journal. Journaling has become a lost art but it shouldn’t be. Every night try to jot down your thoughts but finish with this twist: ask a question consider it silently and write down the answer you “hear” if any. You’ll be surprised at the results, trust me. You may even open up a flood of communication from your higher self!

4) Embrace Joy and Positive Thinking. You create a fertile ground for your higher self to manifest in when you try as much as possible to banish negative thoughts and focus on the positive and joyful. While not always possible it’s something we can all improve in, and creative re framing of difficult situations can make heaven out of hell. Positive, joyful thinking also is one of the keys that experience has shown unlocks our higher selves.

5) Control your Breath. One of the great secrets of the ages is the connection between breathing, consciousness and spirituality. Deep breathing energizes the mind, body and spirit. Shallow breathing locks us in the mundane. Some in Eastern cultures have unlocked their higher selves through breath practices like pranayama (in India) or Qi Gong (in China) alone. Here’s a sample technique: inhale deeply through your nose as you slowly mentally count to 6. Hold your breath as you continue to mentally count to 9. Exhale through your mouth as you complete your count to 15. While doing this keep two fingers on your belly. Make sure your belly fills with air as you inhale and shrinks as you exhale. Do this deep breathing method for 5 minutes a day at first and see the results. Your higher self-will thank you.

6) Energy Visualizations. This simple meditation also helps connect you with your higher self. Imagine light moving from the top of your head down the front of your body as you inhale. See this same energy continuing its circle up the back of your spine to the top of the back of your head as you exhale. Continue this visualization as you walk, watch TV, cook or in bed before going to sleep. With diligence this will help clear any energy blockages you’ve picked up over the years. Energy blockages are a key factor in slowing down the appearance of your higher self. This (and several other of the methods here) will help clear them quickly.

7) Explore Your Higher Self Through Study. These 7 tips are just the beginning. There’s quite a few great books on the subject of unlocking your higher self. Take the time to explore and consider them with an open mind.

What is Consciousness. Unlock Your Higher Self. The worthiest of questions and the worthiest of pursuits. I’m eternally grateful if I was able to aid in giving some answers or pathways in your quest for self-development. After all, we’re all in this together. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!