Career Advice: 5 Ways to Get Work Experience in College

The world is becoming more and more competitive every single day. There was a time when the college years in a person’s life were considered to be a period of devotion to academic work. The only things that you were expected to have were good grades, a bunch of great friends and positive remarks from … Read more

5 Simple Career Tips for Finding a Job

There are very few things in the world that can be as frustrating, agonizing and disappointing as looking for a job. In this saturated job market, employers like to cherry pick only the finest of candidates for employment, and the rest are completely ignored. Being among the select few who get a golden ticket into … Read more

10 Tips To Make For A Better Day At Work

  Everyone has some sort of work to do. Whether it’s go to an office, store, hospital, stay at home, etc. we all have somewhere to be and something to do. This list is the ten best things you can do to make that day better and more productive. 1. Get plenty of good rest. … Read more

How To Improve Your Concentration – 5 Tips and Strategies

Everyone needs to concentrate at one point or another. You can produce much higher quality of work with less time and effort and an effective concentration level with just a little preperation. If you can’t concentrate you will only put extra strain on your brain and your end product will show the results. There are … Read more

10 Tips on How To Avoid Being a Workaholic

Everyone hears about the guy who works 16 hours per day 7 days per week. He never does anything but work and sleep. No vacations and no breaks. In modern society there are many people in this scenario and others like it. It doesn’t mean that you are any better at your job or that … Read more

How To Be a Productive Aggressive Person

Being productive and aggressive sound like they would go against each other. They almost sound like two completely different things all together. I have recently attended a conference with some highly trained long term managers of a large company. They gave a lesson on how to get ahead and what it takes to reach the … Read more

How Can I Survive My Boss

Surviving your boss can be a lot like surviving the apocalypse. There are some horrible bosses out there and if you have one you know it. Bosses fall into several different categories: Know It All Bosses – They have already done your job and they did it so much better. (at least that’s what they … Read more