5 Horrible Career Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

5 Horrible Career Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs
5 Horrible Career Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Are you trying how to get ahead in the modern corporate environment? Then you should know that it is going to take a lot of work to meet the lofty expectations of your employers and supervisors. The person who makes the least number of mistakes is the one who will survive and thrive in the corporate world. It is an unforgiving environment where each and every single one of your errors will be scrutinized and punished accordingly. This is why it is so important to identify these mistakes and learn how to avoid them under all circumstances.

There is no need to be the most outstanding employee in your company. A lot of people end up drowning in a pool of errors in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. Blend in with the crowd during the early days and be on the lookout for the perfect opportunities to impress your bosses. The politics in the corporate world could cripple you if you are not careful. There will always be one or two co-workers who are looking for the slightest opportunity to point out your mistakes to the bosses. The onus is on you to prevent them from undermining you and exposing you.

We all know that working in a corporate environment can be an extremely frustrating experience. Do not let the frustration and the disappointments get the better of you and your conscience. Regardless of what goes wrong in your life, be sure to avoid the following five threatening ending mistakes:

1) Putting on Clubwear

More and more people are confusing business attire with clubwear. The two are completely different. There are too many folks out there who believe that anything more extravagant than a casual t-shirt and jeans is formal. There is a lot more to corporate formal wear than that. In fact, it would have been immensely helpful if college administrators decided to arrange special classes on “corporate dress codes”. Taking classes such as these would have saved thousands of people from getting axed on their very first month on the job. There is nothing that incurs the wrath of an ill-tempered employer like the presence of an employee who is underdressed or overdressed for work.

How can you avoid going wrong with your attire? The key is to keep everything simple and organized. Build a suitable work wardrobe and fill it up with clothes that are not too tight, to embellished, too dramatic or too branded. Also, make sure that you never walk into your office with a wrinkled shirt. Invest in a good iron and browse through Youtube tutorials to learn how to use it well.

2) Celebrating More than Necessary

Office parties spell disaster for a number of employees, especially those who struggle to keep their emotions in check. An office party is meant to be fun and games, but only to a certain extent. Some people like to celebrate a little too hard and a little too inappropriately. Do not use the excuse of interacting casually with your co-workers to behave like an unrestrained and drunk teenager. Maintain your composure and let people know that you can be classy and fun at the same time. Stay within your limits and be aware of your personal thresholds with alcohol and other things that can get you spinning out of control. It is not uncommon for bosses to fire their employees for embarrassing themselves in office parties.

3) Embracing Complacency

Complacency can be a real career killer. What is disappointing here is that complacency usually affects those who do their jobs really well. Just because you have received a few compliments from your bosses does not mean that you have become indispensable to them. Do not think for a solitary moment that you have immunity in the company. It is okay to feel confident and believe that you are the hardest working employee, but keep it at that. Blowing your own trumpet incessantly and putting your foot off the gas will compel your bosses to treat you differently and re-evaluate your contributions.

4) Giving Into Anger

It is one thing to have passion and it is something entirely different to get angry. Hot heads are not appreciated in the corporate environment. If you want to get in on the office politics, then you need to make as many allies and friends as you possibly can. Losing your temper and hurling obnoxious remarks will ruin your reputation. The angrier you get, the higher are your chances of doing something that will warrant an immediate dismissal.

5) Isolating Yourself

Isolating yourself from the workforce is one the silliest things that you can ever do in the corporate world. You are advised to distinguish yourself in as many ways as possible. However, do not become ruthlessly independent. Bosses are not on the lookout for lone warriors. They need team players who can uplift an entire unit. Additionally, going solo all the time will expose your lack of communication skills.