How To Be a Productive Aggressive Person

Being productive and aggressive sound like they would go against each other. They almost sound like two completely different things all together. I have recently attended a conference with some highly trained long term managers of a large company. They gave a lesson on how to get ahead and what it takes to reach the top. Their main point was if you want something bad enough be aggressive toward it and your goal. I thought this would collide with my general passive and compassionate nature.

It did clash with my passive nature and I almost felt like a different person when I took a more aggressive stance on things. It didn’t effect my compassionate and caring side at all. What I discovered from my trial is that you be aggressive and still be the same person you were before. After a short period of time I found out that this new skill I have learned got me incredible results in a very short time. The people I worked with were impressed and gave me nothing, but compliments. This new skill I learned worked out for me so well I decided to share with you guys on here. I will do my best to explain how it works and as always you can email me with any questions.

Being passive is never a bad thing. There are however, some cases where being aggressive can be extremely beneficial and productive. The place I found to be the best use of it was in a work environment. This skill can help you get immediate results and will motivate you to get things done.

This doesn’t mean that you have to walk all over other people or do anything at all that would go against your nature. I want you to be more aggressive while still holding true to who you are. You need to form  new habits with these aggressive characteristics.

Characteristics of a Aggressive Productive Person

  • Assertive
  • Aggressive (never get so aggressive you lose your compassion and consideration of others)
  • Competitive
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Alert of Whats Going On
  • Strong / Strong-Minded
  • Able To Focus and Stay On Target
  • Aware of Everything He/She needs to be

To get here you need to adopt these different characteristics as your own. I want you to start acting in a way that will help you get these characteristics. You need to feel that competitive edge and follow through with it. You need to be very on top of your duties and job functions and stay alert to what going on around you. You need to set very clear and concise goals and follow through to the execution of them. You need to stay strong and on target. Do all of this while still maintaining the balance and compassion you have always had.

Once you adopt these skills as your own, use them. Get really focused on what you need to succeed and get it. Work harder, push yourself more, focus better, and reach out there to get what you want. Don’t let life and opportunity pass you by.

Aggressive productive people succeed. They get ahead and they finish their goals. There are many times to be passive and there are many times to set back and let things go their own way. This skill set could be used in some situations like work, and in others it won’t help you at all, like with friends and family. Give this a try and you should see some immediate results. Good Luck!