How To Transcend Into Your Higher Self: 8 Ways


Some people refer to the higher self as the real you that exists beyond this world, but for the sake of this article we will refer to the higher self as the more enlightened you; the you who is happier, healthier, and more spiritually connected to yourself and the universe around you. Following are 8 ways on how to transcend into your higher self.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a way to quiet your mind and give it a break from anxiety and worry and the busyness of life. It provides clarity and calmness amidst the craziness that life can bring. People have been using meditation to connect to their higher self for thousands of years.

There are moments in life of clarity and calmness that occur without meditation, but when you learn how to focus and calm your mind, those moments increase drastically. It’s in those moments of calmness that you can really discover who you are, and many times, you will have great insights about yourself during or after meditation that allow you to grow into your higher self.

2. Learn To Listen To Your Intuition

Our intuition is always speaking to us; in fact, some people call our intuition our higher self. We get hunches, gut feelings, or urges that influence our decisions in life. If we listen to it correctly, our intuition directs us away from bad experiences and pushes us to make choices that will benefit us. It never tries to lead us backwards in life, only forwards towards our higher self.

Do not ignore your intuition, because it is purposefully trying to help you transcend into your high self. It knows the steps to take to get there, and all you have to do is acknowledge it and let it help you take those steps. The more you acknowledge your intuition and listen to it, the quicker you will transcend into your higher self.

3. Journal Your Thoughts

The more you write about yourself, your thoughts, and your happenings, the more insight you will get into who you are as a person and who you want to become. With each insight, you will form new beliefs about yourself (and other people) that will help you become a more enlightened you.

Journaling may also help you listen to your intuition easier. By writing down your experiences, both past and future, your intuition will naturally be sending you all kinds of messages about what to do and where to go. Writing down the thoughts and feelings that come to you may help you recognize what your intuition is trying to say to you.

4. Say Yes To Change

You cannot become your higher self without changing, but many times, we resist change. This is partly because of fear of the unknown and partly because we are very comfortable in the place that does not require us to change.

Change usually involves pushing past our fears and breaking free from our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is what holds us back from becoming our higher self. However, the good news is that each time you push the boundaries of your comfort zone outwards it instantly becomes larger. It does not retreat into previous, smaller states. This means that you expand yourself and move towards your higher self with each push.

5. Work on Becoming More Loving

Your higher self is a more loving being. By using patience and acceptance towards other people, you will find it easier to look at the world through more loving eyes. This is not something that happens overnight, because we are used to seeing the bad side of people and judging what we see. But with practice, judgement starts to disappear and love is what replaces it.

6. Raise Your Personal Standards

Your higher self expects a lot of you. It wants happiness, health, and love. In order to obtain those things you need to raise your personal standards. You need to expect more for yourself and stop accepting anything less.

Your standards for love, knowledge, relationships, and your future should all be high. Do not accept negativity to run your life. Expect positive things to come to you and reach for those positive things. And most importantly, do not just accept it and give up when bad things happen to you, instead keep reaching for something better because you deserve something better.

7. Step Out of Your Ego

Your ego can cause you to base your life around what you think other people see when they look at you and what you think they expect from you. Stop worrying about what others think or expect from you and start living up to your own expectations.

Your ego will constantly keep you in a state of trying to please other people or impress them if you do not try to step out of it. However, your higher self doesn’t care about what other people think about you. Your higher self wants you to admit who and where you are in life, so that you can realize where you want to go.

8. Change Your Focus

If your focus is on negative events, people, and situations in your life, then you are going to have a hard time focusing on anything good and positive. Your higher self is all about good, enlightening, positive, and happy experiences. This means, if you want to transcend into your higher self, then you need to change your focus.

You can change your focus from something negative to something positive in an instant. When you find yourself focused on something negative, instantly start looking for positive things to focus on instead. Think about things that you are proud of, think about things that you are excited for, or think about things that you are grateful for! You will start to find yourself moving towards your higher self, once you start to switch your focus.

The above 8 ways on how to transcend into your higher self are all things you can start doing today. With practice, they will not just be ways to help you become your higher self, instead they will just be a part of you are as your higher self.