12 Benefits of Dark Chocolate You Can Use To Build an Epic Physique

Of the many things we are blessed with, chocolate surpasses all with great margin! The only thing at the moment keeping many of us on Earth, and not signing up for the next NASA experiment in space. Dark Chocolate is a pure guilty pleasure, we just cannot resist. No matter how much you try, once you’re hooked on Dark Chocolate there is no turning back. But who knew this gift from God had incredible health benefits? Well, after years of research conducted on pure dark chocolate, the results are amazing. Load yourself with all the best, real dark chocolate in the market, because cocoa content more than 60% is packed with nutrients. Chocolate is one of the most used ingredient in any bakery, because what is something sweet without chocolate? Simply incomplete. It has diverse uses in the kitchen, now even chocolate massages are offered.

Simply adding chocolate to life fixes all, any chocoholic would know. We have in store for you the ways chocolate has saved the day, being the superhero for our bodies. Here are some ways:

Prevents depression

Imagine, finally fighting depression with the best possible solution? Well, the theobromine and anandamide present in dark chocolate, effect mood greatly. Theobromine is related to caffeine, which helps lower BP levels and radiates energy. Anandamide is another stimulant without the addictive capabilities. Serotonin, the happy hormone is also efficiently produced, after the release of phenethylamine in the bloodstream. A fresh mind is a way to improve physical health, as well. Once you are stable, the first step is building a healthy routine with meditation and exercise in it. Plus, don’t forget your pal, chocolate there!

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

A lot of investigation is done, about the fighting powers of dark chocolate in cardiovascular diseases. The research suggested cocoa had a positive effect on the body, after the study group began including it in their lives. So, authorities are confused about the chemical significance of chocolate. There needs to be more research for greater understanding. Less heart problems mean a healthier routine, consisting of exercise can be followed easily. The exercise will build the epic physique you have been eyeing for a long time.

Aids against diabetes

Think of the endothelium as an engine in a car. Dark Chocolate has shown to strengthen the endothelial function. Just like the engine, it serves great importance in maintaining arterial health and insulin resistance. This helps us determine, the chances of developing diabetes in a person. Plus, eating a low sugar chocolate prevents high blood sugar levels. Therefore, eat dark chocolate with high cocoa and flavonoids, to moderate body functions. Glucose uptake in muscles is increased significantly. This reduces the fat storage of muscles. The greater glucose update means stronger muscles. Fat content would be less utilized for energy, thus causing no ketosis.

Prevents strokes

A study was conducted whether chocolate played any role in preventing strokes in old people. The study group was huge, showing people consuming dark chocolate over the years had lower risks of developing strokes than people abstaining.

Lowers LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol

One of the rising concern of this generation is the cholesterol level imbalance. There are two types of cholesterol in the body, the good cholesterol, i.e., HDL and the bad cholesterol, i.e., LDL. A degenerate disease of arteries in which low-quality lipids get oxidiz, in the body. Dark chocolate prevents oxidation of this bad cholesterol, LDL. LDL is why many forms of cancers are common in obese people, due to the high intake of fried foods in their diets. In addition, the antioxidants released from a chocolate fight the LDL-free radicals. Moreover, HDL productions increase as well.

Lowers blood pressure

The chocolate looks like a doctor’s best friend if come to look at the medicinal advantages. If saves you a lot of money, paying doctor’s fees. Dark chocolate with a cocoa content between 50%-705 lowered blood pressure in a study conducted, at Harvard. Hypertension improves the efficiency of flavonols. The cocoa plant has the highest concentration of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, compared to fruits, veggies, and tea. The lower blood pressure, more you can work on your fitness program to achieve your body goals!

Helps a control cough

Theobromine proves to be a very beneficial chemical. It can paralyze the vagus nerve, which activates coughing bouts. The scientists are extracting theobromine from dark chocolate, to include in cough syrups. Coughing makes a person quite helpless. Constantly, coughing makes the lungs weak and lose the elasticity, which causes breathing difficulties. Many lung diseases develop, like emphysema in which surface area is reduce, causing constant fatigue. A tired person won’t be physically fit; therefore, chocolate helps.

Helps in pregnancy

The chances of preeclampsia significantly reduce, a condition in which blood supply is limited or cut off to the fetus. The reason is a high blood pressure of mother, during expectancy. This can be lethal for the fetal growth. Consumption of dark chocolate reduces risks immensely, because of flavonols found in chocolate.

Improves brain function

The higher the cognitive reflexes, the sharper a person is. Studies reveal that consumption of high cocoa chocolate enhances the cognitive processing, visual spatial awareness, abstract reasoning, working memory, scanning and improves test scores. So, make it a habit of grabbing a chocolate bar always, during exam season, especially. Moreover, the control of cortisol, stress hormone is reduced in the brain from dark chocolate consumption. High levels of cortisol mess up brain functions. The epicatechin, chemical found in chocolate lower stress hormones. When there is less stress, it increases productivity and body activity level.

Boost your immune system

The dark chocolate has an enormous quantity of antioxidants, fighting to protect your immune system. You will notice inflammation to reduce, remarkably. Inflammatory responses activate, when there is an infection due to pathogen attack. The high flavonoid quantity in chocolate fight bacteria. Moreover, cocoa has a beneficial effect on lymphoid tissues. It increases the efficiency of lymphoid tissues, and have a better mechanism against disease. A healthy person can surely achieve much more, than a sick one. Health being the key to fitness.

Nutritional value

Dark chocolate is the complete package, consisting of essential minerals and vitamins, like B9, B2, calcium, magnesium, zinc and much more. If you look at each minerals importance separately, the benefits will be clear. Calcium for strong bones and teeth, Iron for red blood cell production, Zinc for a strong immune system and B9 to prevent anencephaly. Plus, if you are on the mission to the perfect body then consumption of chocolate helps reduce cravings. The epicatechin content found in cocoa has the ability to suppress appetite by increasing Ghrelin production. This is the reason why scientist develops diet pills with epicatechin. The Ghrelin gives red signals, reducing midnight snacking.

Promote Red blood cell distribution

Cocoa has a huge amount of Iron in it, around 33% in half a cup of pure dark chocolate. Now, iron is essential for the production of red blood cells. Constant research on the topic has led to the deduction more benefits for red blood cells. Including chocolate in your diet has expanded the RBCs distribution, and protected against cardiovascular diseases. RDW levels rise, as high content of flavonols and polyphenols are present in the bloodstream. This too prevents heart diseases.

The bittersweet relationship with chocolate has many perks to it!Chocolate has been a source of joy, since forever. Who would have thought the beneficial uses we will find in chocolate. For me, chocolate always belonged in candy shops and bakeries, but people have started experimenting with chocolate. Getting chocolate in bitter, spicy, sweet, nutty or fruity flavors was up to you, but now there are chocolate massages, chocolate facials, and chocolate painting. The funniest use of chocolate was a chocolate fight, instead of the mud fight. That’s it folk for today! A dark chocolate a day keeps the doctor away.