50 Things To Do On A Snowy Day

Winter is here! One truth about winter you may have noticed is that there’s snowy day lovers and snowy day haters. I count myself firmly in the first category and also hold the opinion that some people who don’t like snowy days just may need to explore the opportunities they bring more and learn how have some winter fun! Here’s my humble shot at ideas to brighten a winter day. All from personal experience. Hope you enjoy!

50 Things To do On A Snowy Day.
1) Make a snow man. Or a snow castle or monster even! This is fun for kids, adults and everyone in between. My family has had some great snowman making contests we’ve talked about for years afterward. Compete and be creative!
2) Go ice skating. What’s winter without ice skating? Not as much fun that’s what. If you’re blessed enough to be close to a place to ice skate take advantage of it fully.
3) Go sledding. Sledding has winter fun wrote all over it! Take your sled to a hill and knock yourself out. Not literally, so don’t hit any trees in the process!
4) Catch up on reading. Is there a better time to hit that book you’ve been dieing to read for so long than a snowy day? I can’t think of any. Pull up a chair, your book and get nice and cozy and read away. The snowy day may be over before you know it.
5) Go to a afternoon movie. Why does it seem like I’ve seen the best movies when it’s been snowing outside? Not sure if it’s coincidence but it sure does seem true. Besides many movie theaters offer a reduced day price so take advantage of it on a snowy day. See a great movie, eat some popcorn and stay warm!
6) Deep clean the house. Vacuum, dust… you get the idea.
7) Organize the garage or your basement. Yes, you now finally have a good day to tackle that task, don’t you? Think about how much easier a organized garage or basement will make your next big project.
8) Open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Well you do have to stay warm right? A occasional glass of wine (or two) is both good for the heart and for the spirit!
9) Exercise. This is a great chance to use that home exercise equipment you’ve neglected. Don’t own any? There’s always push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks!
10) Bake a pie. Now we all know there’s something super special about a warm pie on a cold day. For those of us who can bake, even if just barely, bake away! Just don’t get distracted by other snowy day things to do while your pie is in the oven.
11) Polish the silver ware. When’s the last time you silver ware really shined?
12) Make a pot of stew. Awesome winter comfort food. Challenge yourself to make it a healthy stew too!
13) Take a look at your taxes. The more prepared you are come April the better!
14) Watch football! If it’s Sunday that is.
15) Have a snow ball fight. You don’t want to have one with me though, I’m a professional.
16) Make a photo album. Get all those old photos together and put them in some kind of order. You can even scan the best of them and put them on your facebook page!
17) Play Monopoly or Risk. Both are long board games that are big fun for the family.
18) Teach someone how to play chess. Find someone to teach you how to play, should you not be chess savvy.
19) Call a old friend. Or two.
20) Clean out the fridge! You may even get a few good ideas for lunch.
21) Snow paint. Put some water and food coloring in squirt bottles and become a snow Picasso. Don’t forget to take pictures.
22) Play with your dog. Dogs love snow.
23) Hit the Red Box or Block Buster video. There’s got to be some DVDs you’ve been waiting to see, right?
24) Watch Netflix. Too snowy to leave for the video store? There’s always Netflix!
25) Write a love letter. Bet your significant other will be surprised, won’t they?
26) Make pizza. Yummy!
27) Google your name and see what pops up.
28) Indulge in a bubble bath.
29) Plan your next vacation or trip. Bet it’s to somewhere warm!
30) Meditate. Well you should be doing this anyway, but meditate a little more than usual.
31) Wii Fit. If you don’t own one you need one, trust me.
32) Do crossword puzzles.
33) Master Sudoku . For those of us too hip for crosswords!
34) Ebay. Downsize. List some things on Ebay for extra cash.
35) Learn HTML. If you’re interested in computers, even slightly, why not?
36) Take inventory of your closets. Anything you haven’t worn in six months put aside for the Salvation Army. Especially winter stuff, not everyone is so fortunate on snowy days.
37) Take some photos of the fresh snow. Or if you like to stay warm of your pet cat!
38) Get smarter. Pick a few subjects that interest you and hit Wikipedia!
39) Give life to some old furniture with fresh paint.
40) Make a family calendar. There’s lots of simple tools online to make a great holiday gift.
41) Do yoga. You’d be hard pressed to find a activity better for mind body and spirit.
42) Rearrange your furniture. It’s really good for a house or apartment’s energy to do this every so often.
43) Visit family. If mom, dad or grandparents are close by the snow may have them thinking about you so say hello and let them know you’re thinking of them too!
44) Practice singing. For some of us this is best done if we’re home alone.
45) Soak your feet. Epsom salt’s not just for the elderly you know. Your feet will thank you!
46) Take a nap. No one can say your lazy on a snow day.
47) Help a neighbor shovel snow. Very good karma, who knows you could need the help one day.
48) Make a new Ipod play list. Variety is the spice of life.
49) Catch snow flakes on black paper. No two are alike!
50) Read all my older blog posts. Sorry but I just couldn’t resist!
Now I certainly hope you enjoy your snowy days this winter. Please let me know if you have a favorite activity I missed that should be on next year’s 50 Things To Do On A Snowy Day list! I’d love to include it!