20 Places To Meet People You May Not Have Thought Of

When you are looking to meet new people you will probably have already tried the obvious places like pubs, night clubs and work. Here are a few less conventional places that you may meet new people.
Through Playing Games

Go to a park or beach and start-up a game of cricket or volleyball.  Invite others to join in and you can meet new people.

1 – Museums and Art Galleries
While looking at exhibits you will frequently come across other people. Just don’t pretend to be an expert on art when you aren’t and you should have lots of success.

2 – Social Networking Sites
These aren’t just for talking to current friends, you can also make new ones.  You can start by looking up old school friends or work colleagues who you may have lost touch with.  There are plenty of other opportunities to make friends on these sites while you play games or one specialist areas.

3 – ‘Smirting’
This means flirting while smoking, but can also be a way of meeting friends of the same-sex.  While you are outside smoking, or in the designated smoking area you are in a good position to strike up a conversation with someone.

4 – While Queuing
If you are waiting to buy tickets, for the bus, or for a film you can start a conversation with others.

5 – In the Supermarket
If someone catches your eye while you are buying food, talk to them about what you are purchasing and why and take it from there.

6 – On Holiday
You can meet people anywhere from your hotel lobby to the local night club.  If you can see anything they might have in common with you then you have something to start chatting about.

7 – Join a Club or do an Evening Class
This is quite obvious, but not something that people necessarily think about.  Join something you are genuinely interested in as if you don’t meet anyone you like, at least you will enjoy the group.

8 – Start a book Group
Advertise you group locally and put flyers through local doorways.  Pick a book that is fairly easy and most people know will have read to start off with to attract plenty of people.

9 – Do Volunteer Work
You could work in a soup kitchen, charity shop or old people’s home. There are lots of people contact here and you will get a good sense of satisfaction as well.

10 – Cafe’s or Restaurants
If you go to the same place for your food regularly at the same sort of time of day, you are likely to see the same people fairly often. This could be a good opportunity to say ‘hello’ and see where it leads.

11 – The Library
Libraries aren’t just for silent reading any more, and they do allow you to talk. You can ask if someone could recommend a book or help you on the computer in order to start conversations.

12 – In the Street
You can pretend to be lost to get the attention of a stranger, but you might have more luck just talking to someone who seems to be waiting for someone and is at a loose end.

13 – Watching Sports
If you become part of a crowd at a football match or other sport you are likely to meet lots of other people. As long as you aren’t afraid to talk to strangers with very little in common you might well find some like-minded people.

14 – At the Gym
If you work out regularly at the same place and a similar time you will see familiar faces again and again who might just be wanting someone to talk to.  You won’t lose anything by starting to chat to them and see if you might get on.

15 – Start a Band or Join a Choir
Music can be a great way to relax, and when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself you make the best friends. If you don’t like joining in with the music yourself then going to gigs or festivals can be a relaxed atmosphere where you are bound to meet others with similar interests.

16 – Join Local Groups for Single People
There are groups that exist for single people looking to make new friends. They aren’t focused on dating, but on activities that you can choose whether to take part in. If you are new to a city it is a good way to make yourself go out and find new company.

17 – Meet the Neighbors
If you are new to a neighborhood make an effort to talk to your neighbors and find out about them, talk to them if they are outside gardening or mending their car or on your way to and from work. If you have lived there a while but still haven’t had a chance, invite them to a BBQ at your house where you can all meet up.

18 – At the School Gates
If you have children and you take them to and from school every day there is a great opportunity to talk to other parents and grandparents each morning and afternoon.  It won’t be hard to think up a topic of conversation, just mention a gripe about the school and you will soon find lots to talk about.

19 – In a Waiting Room
Normally people sit in silence when waiting for the doctor or dentist, but there is no reason not to talk to people just don’t try to start a conversation about what is wrong with you or them.

20 – On Public Transport
If you are sitting next to someone on the bus or train then don’t try to avoid their eye and keep yourself to yourself. Say ‘hello’ and see if they are friendly enough to want to chat.

So you can see that meeting people can happen in almost every situation you put yourself in.  You might need to make an effort to meet people though, and when you do try to be open and honest and smile a lot. This will make you seem friendly and inviting conversation and people will respond to you in a much more positive way.