How To Identify & Eliminate Clutter

Do you think you could pick out all the things in your life that are clutter? If you’re really trying to get organized do you know where to begin? Being able to sort through all your stuff and identify what is clutter can be a chore in itself. I have put together a short list of ways to help you know what is clutter and what isn’t.


  1. Are you going to use it? If you know there isn’t any way you will possibly every use something then it’s time to move on and get rid of that clutter.
  2. Does it work? If you have something that either doesn’t work or don’t have all the pieces it’s clutter and needs to be removed.
  3. Is this item a novelty? Does it have any real use? Sometimes we buy something just because it’s neat and we think it would be cool to have in our house. Sometimes this item has no practical use at all and has just become a novelty. Get rid of these kinds of items.
  4. Am I going overboard with the decorations? Sometimes we keep all kinds of cute little decorations all over the house. They could be anything. I’m not telling you to throw them all out , but just get rid of the ones that are in the way and take up space.
  5. Sometimes we save little keepsakes and mementos to help us remember something. While these are very important you can’t save every little bottle cap or every piece of clothing you have. Get rid of anything that doesn’t provide a real serious memory.
  6. If you have something you have never used then it’s probably just clutter.
  7. Something to remember is even though you have stuff stored out of the way it doesn’t mean it isn’t clutter. If you don’t need something get rid of it.
  8. If this item were to get lost or broken would you replace it? If you answer “no” then it’s probably just taking up space.


I hope these little tips will help you identify clutter and help you get rid of some unwanted items. The more of this kind of stuff you get rid of the easier it will be for you to go about you daily life, concentrate, clean, etc. Get rid of clutter and get organized now. Good Luck!