Create Silence In Your Life

Create Silence In Your Life


Why is it we enjoy all the noise, clutter, and chaos in our lives? Maybe there is a part of us that has become accustomed to these feelings and enjoys them. Maybe we don’t know anything else. If that’s the case then I challenge you to try something different. I challenge you to observe some silence in your mind and give yourself a break from the world of clutter and chaos.


Silencing your mind can be relaxing, peaceful, calming, mind expansive, and powerful. It can help clear your mind and put you in state the brings out harmony and deep thinking.


So how do you do this? It’s really simple. All you have to do is subtract noise, clutter, and distractions out of your life or at least the part where you choose to relax and silence you mind. Take an empty room for example. If you have nothing in there at all, then there won’t be any external noise. If you can eliminate the external noise you are 50% there.


Look around your office. You will notice all sorts of things that cause distraction and make noise. There are little clutters here and there. Clocks that tick and fans that blow air. Anything that makes even the slightest little peep should be removed.


Once you find a place with no or minimal external distractions, then eliminate you internal ones. Stop thoughts before they happen. Become quite and calm. Relax and decrease your thinking except in the now. Don’t worry about the past or future. Leave your stress and anxiety out of your quiet place as you learn to silence your mind.


Once you get to this place of solitude and silence, enjoy it. Let the thoughts of your mind flow through you. Let your mind speak to you however it wants. Let yourself become fully surrounded by the bliss of just doing nothing. Become one with the silence.


If you meditate this exercise would be a great start into some deeper meditations. If not it is an excellent chance for you to get some much needed silence in your life. You can also do this as an ongoing process by eliminating noise anywhere you notice it. I hope this helps. Good Luck!