Using Stubbornness For Success

Some people are more stubborn that others. There are some people out there who can be so stubborn that they ignore all facts and realities just because they don’t want to accept any other way besides their own. This can be a major disadvantage in life, or it could be used to bring great amounts of success. How you channel it makes difference.


If you are already a stubborn person then you probably know all about this characteristic. If you not a stubborn person then this might shed a little insight onto a new approach for situations. Wherever you stand, there is some good information here for you to take to mind.


How To Be More Stubborn and Use It For Success


If your not already stubborn then you can learn this just like any other new ability. If you are great. You can learn to be just as stubborn as stubborn Joe over there. To be stubborn it’s easy. You just come up with some really strong beliefs, thoughts, ideas, conclusions, etc. and stick with them no matter what. Don’t let anyone or anything convince you otherwise. You have to know down to your core that you are right, even if you aren’t. Even if you could come to a realization that you are wrong or dis-proven, you still have to hold your beliefs tightly knowing that you will prevail in the end.


This can cause you much grief if used in the wrong way. If used the right way it could become one of your best characteristics for getting things done and persevering through extremely hard conditions and situations. I have seen this used by people who are just to stubborn to get sick, miss an appointment, not get something done, fail, etc. and has led them to many more successful endpoints. I have seen people who literally don’t get sick because they are to stubborn.


I don’t know if it’s because they don’t give up or if their mind becomes so strong that the universe won’t let them fail. Whatever it is, it works. I’ve been working with adapting this into something I can use. So far I have had amazing personal results. It seems like when I set my mind to it and focus all my attention on getting something done, it’s impossible not to. That stubbornness really can come in handy if you figure out how to channel it just right. Give this a try. Good Luck!