Listen To The Thoughts of Your Heart

Where do most of our thoughts come from? The brain right. In a scientific mind that is the only place they can come from. The brain is the main organ in our central nervous system and the only one capable of logic, reasoning, and memory. What if I told you there was another organ in your body that produces thoughts. This organ can produce thoughts 1000 times more meaningful and powerful the most of our brains could even begin to. That organ is the heart.


The heart is a thinker. Imagine if you based all of your decisions on facts and information stored in your brain. You probably wouldn’t have made half of the choices you did. All of your thoughts and decisions don’t come from the brain. In your mind you think about things very logically. Most of the time you know exactly what you should do or what way you should react. Yet most of us do something completely different. Take intimate love for example. How many stories or real life examples can you think of where people acted completely stupid because they fell in love?


Some of us may already know this and to others this realization may come as a shock. Either way it is what it is.


How Can I Use My Thinking Heart More Effectively?


There are many ways you could listen and use your heart for beneficial purposes. When you don’t listen to your heart you might end up feeling bad about it and not knowing why. To better understand and utilize this new information I have put together a list of useful advice.


  1. Follow your heart when it comes to decision making. It will be the ultimate decider if you are going to be happy or not. Don’t throw those intuitive feelings away without some serious justification.
  2. Put facts and knowledge in it’s place. Never go against what you feel you need to do because of something you read in a book or some random fact you know. Statistically this … etc.
  3. Open up your heart more and let emotions flow free. Don’t hide the ones you don’t like, because they will only bottle up and come back to haunt you later on. If you let them vent out they will leave and probably never return. Keep things off your shoulders and out of your hearts mind.
  4. Learn to love everyone and everything. Love only brings happiness and joy. Everyone has their troubles and challenges. We can’t always understand them. So the best thing you can do is just love them unconditionally.
  5. Keep negativity out. Don’t let any negative thoughts from your mind flow into your heart. Keep it pure and clean.
  6. To really get in touch with your heart find some way to express yourself. You can do it many ways such as poetry, painting, writing, singing, or any other form of art where you can express yourself and your feelings.
  7. Love yourself.


This is a serious topic for serious people. I promise you the power of your heart’s mind is beyond what you think it is capable of. If you haven’t seen it yet then one day the test will come. Think about this and apply it anywhere in your life you can. I know you will find this useful. Good Luck!

 As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7).”