Allow Things To Happen In Your Life

Things happen to all of us. Everyday something good or bad will happen to you no matter who you are or what you do. The problem that arises with most people is based upon how they react to these different situations.


Good things can happen all the time. You probably won’t notice as much if something good happens to you. Unless it’s something exceptionally good like winning the lottery. You will probably just say something like “awesome” or “man I’m lucky” etc. and go about your business as usual. I mean who doesn’t want good things to happen to them?


The problem arises when we have things that aren’t what we want or expect. We either take them on full force with lots of resistance or just let them bring us down altogether. This can present a problem to a person who seeks to find complete happiness in their life everyday.


So how can I stop these negative events from ruining my day?


It’s simple. You must allow them to happen and move with the flow of life. There is an understanding that you need to realize. Things will happen. You can fight them or run away, but they will still be there knocking on your door and around every corner. You can’t avoid everything you don’t want or like. The only real solution is to accept things for how they are.


The results from this would be a calming mode which would allow you to think your way through the problem or situation and come up with a resolution. You might have to work hard to make that resolution become a reality. That’s OK, it’s part of life. The more time you waste on un-productive thinking and avoidance techniques the worse off you will become. You could easily spend more time not solving the problem then might actually take to just get it solved.


Here are some tips to help you accept things and move on with your life.

  1. Understand that things will happen. This is part of life. If you didn’t have the downs you may never appreciate the ups.
  2. Things happen for a reason. You may not understand the reason now, but later on you may become thankful that they happened to you. You wouldn’t be the person you are today if you didn’t overcome hardships and challenges in the past.
  3. There are plenty of ups and things to enjoy. Don’t focus on the bad.
  4. More time can be wasted on not solving the problem then solving it.
  5. You can’t run from everything. Face fears head on and move right through them.
  6. If you don’t know the answer right now it’s OK. Work hard and move in the right direction and the answer will make it’s way into your life.
  7. Live in the now. Don’t focus on bad things from the past or worries about the future.


Allow things to happen to you. They make you the person you are right now. This will bring you much strength and end so many different suffering you may be carrying (or running away from). I know you have it in you to embrace this concept and make it a part of who you are. Do this and you will find many more successes and much more extra time throughout you days. I believe in you. Good Luck!