15 Time Management Secrets – Time To Manage Yourself!

Time management involves the ability to allocate and distribute your time systematically and logically between several duties that you are assigned to undertake. If you can effectively administer your time, not only will you benefit from increased productivity, but you’ll also ensure that all your required tasks are completed even under enhanced levels of pressures and stress. Poor time management stems from procrastination, and it is important to work on your self-control to avoid that.

This article is aimed to explain how you can properly manage your time and receive all the advantages that doing so propels.


Go according to the plan. Spend at least 50% your time doing activities or indulging in productive conversations that have some beneficial results. Remember that your priorities should match with your goals and ambitions in life. All the successful people in life have ranked time management as the most important because there is no gaining back time. Spend time on the three main priorities in life. The more you strict yourself from distractions, the more able we become. Time management is all about being more focused on what matters most, as you can’t do everything.

Avoid social media

One of the worst ways we end up losing precious time are social media sites. Break the habit of checking Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. so often. Remove all accessibility from browser bookmarks. Instead, look up more goal-oriented sites to have less time management issues. An important lesson Kevin Kruse gives that if we are not busy working towards our dreams, we’ll end up working for someone else’s. All forums become the best ways to procrastinate in life.

Energy is the key

There still is not any machine that could get back the lost time or no way to make more minutes. However, this has a solution, which requires us to exercise our energy in right places like decision making and focusing on increasing productivity. Success does not mean to overwork yourself forgetting to eat and sleep on time. All successful people are taking special care of their diet and sleep routine because the fresher we are, the more we achieve.

Consistent morning routine

The secret to time management is consistency at what you do. Many renowned entrepreneurs reveal that time management is possible if we make a morning routine and follow it religiously. Successful people invest in themselves first. Taking care of nutrition, exercising and drinking enough water in the morning is their goal. They relax more but investing their time in meditation.

Say “no”

We have exactly 1440 minutes in a day wasting them just because you can’t say no makes you lose precious time. Whenever it is not a hell yeah it should be a no not a maybe, or I’ll think about it. Life is too complicated already you can’t commit to things, not on your list.

Have goal-oriented people around

Positivity is contagious. When we surround ourselves with ambitious people, then our time management skills improve itself. These people encourage you to take another step forward just be little closer to your dream. Hang out with the best of the lot and feel the way the inspire you to become your very best. We underestimate the effect of procrastinators, and jealous people have on us. They drain all the energy out of us, making us feel gloomy and diverting us from completing tasks.

Use a notebook

Successful people have a notebook with them to document every important incident in life. Richard Branson has never stepped out of his office without a simple notebook. The world is your oyster if you look for lessons everywhere. Not everything can be taught in schools. Writing everything down increases productivity.

Accept that you can’t finish everything

The longer you have the misconception of believing that you can do everything on your to-do list, you are just fooling yourself. Not being able to complete everything will be very frustrating. To maximize your time management skills first, you need to stop being in denial. Then avoid taking extra work and focus on your top priorities. Slowly build a hassle-free routine to get things done.


We are not super humans that can manage to take other people’s work and complete it in just 1440 minutes. The habit of handing over unimportant tasks that can be done by someone else is healthy. This takes off the extra pressure, improves the ability to focus. You need to leave micro managing each detail to save time. Getting the task done within a time span should be the priority, therefore, control your inner control freak!


Exhausting yourself due to multitasking, just to get things done? This isn’t how time management works. It is much easier to get tasks done on time if you focus one by one on them. The focus is achieved only when there are no distractions open in tabs. Efficiency increases when you are more involved in your work.

Use a calendar

Having a calendar helps you become your organized and aware of plans. Managing daily activities has become way easier due to electronic calendars like Google Calendar. Plus point of using it that you can sync saved notes and dates on all kinds of electronics. Accessibility to your schedule makes time management way easier.

Manage time wisely to beat deadlines

Have a clear picture of when a certain task needs to be finished. Each particular task should have a time slot in your daily plan. This is an effective technique which prevents from delays. Always mark your deadlines in your organizers and calendars, so it is easier to check. Results will be quicker if only you start time boxing your activities. That means to complete a task within an allotted time not exceed the time limit.

Cut off when you need to

To attain time management skills never be afraid to draw a line separating important matters with nonsense. Whenever we don’t cut off, it always results in things to overrun. Don’t wait for things to get down on their own.

Setting timers and leaving buffer time in-between

Our advance calendars have reminder function in them. Make it a habit of setting a reminder 15 minutes before all-important meetings. This way it gives you more time to prep and takes a little time off to clear your mind. Also scheduling everything on top of each other without any break in-between exhausts you. A buffer time of 10-5 minutes is great. It helps thing progress from one thing to the next with ease.

Follow 80/20 rule

It is a simple rule that shows that we get 80% of results by just doing 20% of the task. Successful people to increase their time management skills manage work that provides most fruitful results. They focus on activities that produce greatest and quickest results. Never underestimate your ability at being your level best would not be helpful.

To sum up, efficient time management is a key to everlasting success. The points above will serve as your guide to construct your focus, enhance your abilities to learn how to put first things first and re-build your motivation, so all your endeavors become highly productive and attain maximum fruit. We often wonder what makes other people progress more than ourselves and resultantly, we feel dejected. The answer is simple. Such individuals understand the value of time and ensure that they complete their tasks in a timely fashion. Folks, now you can also surmount great peaks of success by following these simple steps and feel elevated personal satisfaction and bliss.