10 Motivation Killers That Are Dragging You Down

“I’ll just begin tomorrow.” Whether it’s the time, to begin with, a healthier lifestyle using a new diet or a workout routine. Or initiating the plan to become more organized and strategic, beginning a pending research/essay/exam preparation or simply undertake any new challenge that needs to be fulfilled, we often hear ourselves utter this phrase mentioned above and resultantly, loose focus and motivation. We then proceed to suffer from elevated levels of stress that stem from a feeling which reminds us of our failure, and more often than not, also rid ourselves of the incentive that propelled us to work on the desired change in the first place. Surprisingly, most people remain unaware of how their environment and surroundings majorly keep on contributing to the diminishing amount of motivation that they possess and simply remain stuck in an endless loop of desperation and helplessness.

This article aims to help you identify the reasons behind why you probably keep on pending the tasks that are your due, so that you effectively eliminate them, and hence become productive and successful.

Negative people

The key to success is finding like-minded people. Hang out with people that have same goals and ambitions as you. Toxic people have a constant habit of putting you down in whatever you try to do with your life. These people have not achieved anything in their lives and blamed others for it. All the frustrations and insecurities have built up, which they take it in the world. They can’t let anyone succeed. Surrounding yourself with negativity sets a gloomy environment that isn’t healthy for yourself. Avoid the toxic people at all cost.

Bad news and gossip

It is human nature to crave for something spicy now and then, to keep their lives interesting but getting into a habit of gossip distracts you from your ultimate goal. It is a sad reality that we are surrounded by news of destruction, corruption or death of innocent people. Unbelievably, this affects us; we tend to get depressed or be in a state of shock. Think of it as a favor to your mental peace and stay away from the new channels, vlogs, and sites. No need to have an exact picture of what is happening out there to lose all focus from the task.

Stuck in the comfort zone with friends

To grow, we must step out of our comfort zone. Whenever we are comfortable, we do not learn anything new. Comfort and stability is overrated that does not lead to any productivity. We should always mingle with everyone to learn from their experiences. In some cases, our close friends bring us down from the staircase to success. They will always be there to support you, but always a sense of comfort may be holding you back. This promotes us to be lazy, not putting ourselves out there more. Opportunities will always be restricted if you’re stuck in your comfort zone.

Don’t let the past haunt you

Always have the mindset of forgetting about the past to be happy. The past has an ability to drag us down greatly. Don’t let the ghosts from the past waste your time. Stop thinking about the skeletons in the closet and just live in the moment. The past has always prepared you to face the worst in life. What is meant to happen will happen, you stressing over it will only cause harm to yourself.

The future

Just a little a reminder whatever we planned it is not necessary things tend to go the same way. Never bother yourself over thinking about the future because this gets you invested too much into unrealistic hopes. Setting goals is perfect but predicting what will happen in the time allotted to you is not the right thing. Life has funny ways to show us the unpredictability it offers. Therefore, the future can be a big motivation killer. Never let your expectations go overboard. Embrace the uncertainty! Keep striving for the best, and the rest will fall into place.

Thinking trying is not enough

The story all begins when you try. It can never start if you never even bothered. People usually believe that we should not try, but we should do it. This is an utterly confusing ideology because everything starts from trying. The option of trying is way better than not attempting to do anything just because you think you can’t do it.  It is perfectly fine if you encounter failure that is how you learn. Failure will be knocking at your doorstep, but soon enough you will get the hang of things. Great things come after the failure that are endurance, experience, and patience; all necessary factors to succeed.

The run towards the prize

Whenever we want something, we go after it without giving any thoughts. It blinds us. Be it money, love or fame, our eyes on the prize make us lose a lot of important stuff like friends, family, etc. Blindsided with our obsession to get us the thing we desire the most makes us lose the real meaning of life. Life isn’t about obtaining all the materialistic things one craves for, but it is way more than that. Success comes with a hefty price in most cases, not always bringing happiness. On the other hand, happiness always brings success, so always keep your priorities straight.

Don’t forget about yourself

Remember in the process to let go and have fun occasionally. We always can’t function in high maintenance world. For you to get somewhere, you need to be well-taken care off or pampered now and then. You are the priority. Don’t overwork just to earn more, find time for yourself. Don’t commit to what you can’t abide by. Make your schedule work for yourself, don’t work for your schedule. Take a yoga mat out and simply mediate. A long bubble bath is good to start as well.


Fear of failing is the most common motivation killer that drags you down. We let failure take over our lives too much, which isn’t healthy at all. The way we perceive failure is different, one way most tend to look at it is thinking their efforts we a complete waste of time. This a misconception. We just had been viewing failure incorrectly. Think of failure as trial and error period to reach your ultimate goal. Failure is the opportunity to grow and learn more from life. Failure not only helps you think your way through the whole problem but also develops a keen of the habit of persistence. So remember never letting fear get in the way to success.

Don’t work yourself

A slight reminder that we require time off, we are not robots. We can’t always be highly active if we aren’t getting the right amount of sleep. Thus, never burn yourself out. Being a multitasker and productive is amazing, but we need to stop sometimes and appreciate the beauty around. Taking a break always helps with productivity, clears the mind, reduces stress and relaxes you.  Wearing yourself out with work will only affect your determination and kill your motivation. Take an occasional break to do what relaxes you the most.

Folks, there you have it! All the reasons that might be preventing you from attending the morning yoga class or keeping you from fixing your sleep schedules have been briefly highlighted and hopefully, will help you to regain your focus and motivation so that you may achieve what you aspire for.