Get More Done The Easy Way – Simple Productivity Strategies

Get More Done The Easy Way – Simple Productivity Strategies

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to get more done than others? I know I have. I like to watch and learn from people who are extremely productive and see how they do it. Sometimes I even make some mental notes on ways I can improve. Here’s a list of some great ideas and suggestions.

Don’t Waste Motion

Wasted motion is an energy waster. If you put to much extra motion in simple tasks like washing the dishes, you waste time and energy. Take notice to how much swing you have in your arms. How much extra movement your hands go through. I have noticed from observing several fast people that they may only move inches instead of feet while doing little routine tasks. Make every little motion count. When you waste energy you end up tired faster and by the end you are probably just dragging along. Make an effort to improve here and you will get more done with extra energy left over.

Don’t Make Extra Steps

Another common mistake I notice from watching people who are less productive is the amount of extra steps they take. They run back and forth doing one little task at a time, instead of combining them together. What you should do is combine things together so that you try to only make one trip. For example: If you are cleaning your house, while you walk around cleaning pick up any trash you see and put it in the trash can as you go. Combining your tasks together is a great way to accomplish more with less time and work.

Don’t Redo Your Work

I have noticed several people who spend all of their time cleaning and organizing just to do it again the next day. If this is you then stop doing all that extra work. You shouldn’t have to spend 4 hours per day cleaning the house if it is only you who lives there. Pick up after yourself and clean as you go.  Do things that eliminate extra work. For example: If you floors get dirty all the time then maybe you need to either wipe off your feet or take your shoes off at the door. Don’t do things that are going to make the floor get more dirty than normal. This only increases your workload.

Learn Good Time Management

People who have good time management always get more done with much less effort than those who don’t Take the time to write down and plan out all of your tasks. Figure out how long it takes you do do everything and go from there. Wasted time is more time you probably spend doing nothing important at all.

Break Down Large Complex Tasks Into Easier More Manageable Ones

Sometimes tasks just are to large to tackle at once. You may have to break a task like this down into much smaller and more manageable micro tasks. So many people who aren’t productive bite off to much to chew, get overwhelmed, and quit. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s ok for you to take on much smaller projects if it means you have a higher chance to complete the job.

I hope these suggestions help out. Remember we all have to do our part in order to make life more productive. Good Luck!