6 of the Most Powerful Types of Meditation

6 of the Most Powerful Types of Meditation
6 of the Most Powerful Types of Meditation

If you think that there is only one type of meditation in the world, then you are not alone. Nearly every single beginner is caught with surprise upon discovering that there are multiple types of meditation out there. The differences between these meditations are often very subtle and hardly evident. This is why you get to see really similar pictures of people in the same pose when you look for meditation pictures online. Regardless of how minor or major the differences maybe, it is very important to learn about the different types of meditation when you are in your early days.

Meditation is not always effective or useful. Part of the reason for that is because certain people engage in the wrong type of medication. Each type of medication has its own set of benefits. The type of medication that you select will depend heavily on the kind of experiences that you have had in your life and the kind of negative emotions that you want to get rid off from your mind. The style of meditation that works for you may or may not work for a friend of yours. The wisest people are those who are able to design their meditation sessions in accordance to their emotional, mental and physical requirements.

Learning about the different types of meditation will broaden your knowledge on this subject and widen your range of choice. If a certain type of meditation does not work well for you, then you can always shift to a different type, as long as you know that the other type will be more beneficial for you. The six meditation types mentioned below are incredibly powerful and useful. Making use of any one of them can enrich the power of your mind:

1) Mindfulness Mediation

Mindfulness meditation is something that you have probably not heard of before. The purpose of engaging in this type of meditation is to boost your awareness of your surroundings and the present scenarios in life that concern you the most. The idea here is to focus on the things that are going on around you while you are engaged in meditation. During this session, you should pay attention to every thought that pops up in your mind and every feeling that runs through your veins. By being so specific with your thoughts and emotions, you will discover a new avenue to learn more about yourself and how your mind works. Do not be an analyst or a judge. All you have to do is become a keen observer.

2) Breathing Oriented Meditation

This is the easiest and most natural type of meditation there is. Breathing is pretty much a voluntary action that eludes our attention and notice unless we specifically think about. It is by far the most natural thing that the body does to survive. If you are completely new to meditation, then you can start by focusing on breathing in and breathing out. Do not try to entertain advanced philosophical ideas. Let the breathing take control of your mind. Try to pay attention to the inhalation and exhalation process that is taking place through your nostrils.

3) Concept Meditation

Concept meditation is based on generating and nurturing ideas inside your mind. Shut out the outside world when you are engaging in concept meditation. Forget about paying attention to the surroundings and to your breathing actions. Keep concentrating on developing an idea that you can explore. The idea does not have to be very complex. It could be as simple as trying to figure out how a flower blooms and then wears away. This technique goes beyond your rational mind and helps you look at life from an entirely different perspective.

4) The Om or Mantra Meditation

You must have noticed Indian meditation gurus constantly repeating the same word, “Om”, over and over again. This is a mantra that is repeated for the purpose of positive reinforcement. You do not have to use the word “Om” when you are meditating. Pick any word that you feel comfortable with and keep repeating it for a few minutes.

5) Empty Mind Meditation

While mindfulness meditation is all about focusing on an object, empty mind meditation is about boosting awareness without bringing anything specific into the picture. All you do is sit still in the lotus position and let your mind wander off to the world of fantasies on its own. Do not burden your mind with specific objectives. Follow your mind wherever it leads you. If you experience unfelt emotions, then simply acknowledge them instead of assessing them.

6) Walking Meditation

The walking meditation is best performed in the balcony, the patio or the garden. It can even be performed inside your room if it is spacious enough. As you walk, observe the different motions of your body. Take note of how your legs move forward and how your arms swing by. Do not allow your mind to wander off. Simply keep it focused on your walking.