Why Not Making A Decision is The Worst Choice You Could Make

Things have been rocky lately in my life. I had to remove myself from unpleasant situations and move on with changes. After the dust settled and I had time to sit back and look at my decisions, I realized that by taking action I have increased my happiness 10 fold. Sitting around passive and doing nothing may be the worst decision I ever made.

Decisions need to be made. Doing nothing is a decision you have chosen and carries consequences the same as any other.  Once the situation is over, we can look back on the things we chose to ignore and see how much ignoring them affected our lives. By taking action you gain control over what happens and you then have the ability to make your life more enjoyable.

Overcoming Obstacles

The fear of failure is a big reason people don’t make choices.  Learn to accept failure as part of the learning process. Failure won’t kill you. It will make you grow as a person. It can be used as fuel to get out there and give things another shot. I have written a great article on Overcoming the Fear of Failure.

If not knowing is the problem, it needs to be addressed as well. Knowledge is power, and in this case it proves true. If you don’t know enough about the decisions then it’s time to do some research. Bring in the resources you have available and use them to start making decisions. By thinking the situation through and bringing in new fresh information you increase your chances of success. Here is a great article I wrote on Being More Resourceful.

There are many other obstacles that may cross your path. Remember that no matter what you can get through them and that making a choice is something you want to do from now on.

Taking Action

The first thing you need to do is decide that you want to take some action. Sitting around passively waiting for life to come in and grab a hold of you isn’t likely going to happen. If you really want something then you need to reach out and take it. There is plenty of happiness to go around and you can find yours by making the move now.

Whether it’s because you fear the outcome of making a decision or you don’t know how. There are resources out there that will help you get through the process from beginning to end.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your current situation and what the impact could be from your choices. If it’s something simple like buying a candy bar, it doesn’t really matter as much. As a general rule you should spend more time on the important decisions then on the simple ones. Simple decisions can be made on the fly.

After you have analyzed the situation and spent the correct amount of time thinking, it’s time to do something. Pick a choice and go with it. Don’t second guess yourself. If you do then it’s only going to make it worse. Be confident in your choices and if your wrong sometimes it will be Ok.

I hope this article can help you think about the choices your not making and their impact on your life. Good Luck!