How To Increase Motivation and Drive For Your Passions

I sat down at my desk today and thought about what to write. I have done a lot of research lately on different writing styles and methods of writing. These different styles are great and they inspire me to write.

The more knowledge I gain about my passion, the more excited I get. Then I realized something. By increasing my knowledge I increased my drive. After watching tips from well known authors, I figured out several things I wasn’t doing correctly. I was so excited to try out my new techniques that I started writing this shortly after.

Learning more about your passion unlocks new tools and creates excitement. Excitement is what causes drive and motivation.

If you were doing something and ran into a block or obstacle, that you didn’t know how to overcome. What emotion would you feel? You would feel anger and frustration. Negative emotions like these cause you to resent your passion. Over time this will lead you away from excitement and drive.

How can I increase my drive and motivation by increasing my knowledge?

  • Do some research and learn as much as you can. Bring in all your resources like books, the internet, other people, experience, or any other good source of information. Information is the key to your success. Greater results come from knowing how to do something. The better results will be more rewarding and give you a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Don’t always do the same things over and over. Find some way to gain information that is out of your normal way of thinking. If you normally use the internet then start reading more books. If you always read then try watching a video.  Think outside the box.
  • Live your passion. Experience can be the best teacher. You could read about skiing forever and never learn how to ski.
  • Focus on a new aspect of your passion. Ex: Instead of always focusing on the quality ingredients in your food, try focusing on the seasonings.
  • Learn from other people. People can be your most powerful learning resource.
  • Make use of your new knowledge. You need to figure out some way to merge it into your routine. Never waste something learned.
  • Drop the “I know everything” mentality. This may sound rude and blunt but “no you don’t.”
  • All knowledge is useful in some way. Find ways to use everything you learn.

Learning and applying will help boost your passion’s motivation. Give this a try soon. Good Luck!