10 Tips For Getting New Friends and Keeping The Old Ones

Guys this article is part of a focus I have making on social importance in your personal development path. Getting and maintaining a strong circle of friends is crucial to staying positive. The support you gain is tremendous and if you have the right friends they will be improving on your situation everyday. I feel like this could be a key component to you becoming a truly happy and enlightened person.

Making and keeping friends isn’t a topic that I haven’t touched on before. In fact I have written other full articles and made several mentions in others. It’s a key component to finding and maintaining happiness. When you are surrounded by friends your better equipped to handle life’s hurdles and you won’t find yourself bored near as much. Making friends can be a challenge for some while being extremely easy for others. One of the hardest obstacles for some is getting over your shyness. If you are to shy to meet and get to know new people and hold down a conversation with strangers, you will have trouble finding new friends. Don’t worry this to can be overcame. Actually, “every single obstacle in your life has a solution you just got to keep searching for the answer” – Daniel .

Keeping friends is a whole different challenge. To keep friends for a long time you really just gotta know how to treat people and especially the ones you care about. Below is a List of 10 tips For Getting New Friends and Keeping The Old Ones

  1. Respect Your Friends and Compete Strangers – Respecting your friends is one of the most powerful methods to keep people close long term. Show other people respect and try to see things from their point of view. Even complete strangers should be shown respect. That’s how strangers become friends!
  2. Put Yourself In Others Shoes – This one is simple enough. If you want to know how to treat others then imagine your standing where they are. Not literally of course, but think about their situations in life such as health, finances, mood, background, relationships, work, stress, etc. and try to come up with ways to make the situation better. A good friend will be doing this back to you.
  3. Actively Listen – Always be a great listener. Not just listen, but actively listen. You want to be engaged in the conversation. People really enjoy a deep and personal conversation. They want to feel important in your eyes. Surprisingly very few people are really good listeners.
  4. Don’t Be Shy – Think like this ” Nobody is a Stranger.” and you will find your shyness melt away. If you act to shy people may misread you or you may come off as rude. Always try to make eye contact and show them who you really are. When you adopt the nobody is a stranger mentality, you will literally be able to walk up to anyone and start a conversation as if you have known them your whole life. This is a very useful tip to making a great first impression.
  5. Make Eye Contact – It shows your attention and that you really care. People can read you for what you real intentions are. Looking away or staring off in the distance can be perceived as rude or maybe as if you have something to hide. Avoid this if you can.
  6. Don’t Be Fake – Be yourself. You don’t know how many people are fake today. They try to be like someone else or hide their feelings. Express yourself and show people who you really are. If they don’t like it, then that’s find too.
  7. Love Yourself – Be true and love yourself. This one is crucial to finding and maintaining your inner happiness. If you love yourself people will want to be around you more. Who would you rather spend time with someone negative and self destructive or someone who is very positive and self motivated?
  8. Love Your Friends Genuinely – “LOVE” is the important word here. Loving others should be top on the list. They will feel it and know you really do care for them on the inside. Try this one for great immediate results.
  9. Pay Attention To The Needs of Others – What is someone else’s motive? What need are they trying to meet? Do they want to be listened to or do they want some direct advice? Dig deep into the psychology of the other person and find out what they would want from you as a friend.
  10. Remember Everyone Is Different – People are different period. You can’t come up with a simple little technique that will win everyone over.  Try to treat each person as an individual. Remember every situation can be handled differently and still turn out great.

I hope this list can help you make some new friends. Feel free to read some other great personal development articles on my site and share any tips you may have in the comments section below. Good Luck!