10 Tricks To Help You Stop Worrying Now

Worrying is actually harmful to your health. It is something that eats away at you without adding any value to your life or even altering the outcomes of that which you love to worry about. Little wonder that various serious health problems and diseases have clearly been linked to it. Fortunately there is plenty that you can do to help you stop worrying. Here are 10 of the most effective tips and tricks.

1. Take Drastic Action
Take deliberate and drastic measures to “attack” the particular worry gnawing away at you. For example if you start worrying about how you are going to fail your exams, sit down, hit the books and start doing some serious studying for the exams. There are those who use worrying as a motivational signal to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Actually it can be pretty effective in getting things done.

2. Have a Master Plan in Place
A lot of the worrying we do is about the future. It is usually triggered off when we start to feel that we do not have enough control over certain aspects of our lives. This is especially true with those who by nature are control freaks. The remedy for this is to actually create an elaborate and detailed plan for the future. Put it all down in writing complete with flow charts and diagrams to illustrate things. Your plan will have to be based on your goals in life and should ultimately give you the kind of future that you want. It is all a lot of work putting such a plan together and that is probably one of the reasons why it is so effective in dispelling fears and worries from most people’s lives.

3. Always Have Plenty Of Backup Plans
In many instances we arrive at some serious anxiety when things start to go wrong with our well laid plans. One thing that you can be sure of in this life is that things will go wrong sometimes but what you need to do is to always prepare for the worst and have a Plan B in place. Have even a third option waiting in the wings. In all likelihood you will rarely get to use your any of these back up plans but the point here is that this exercise works like a charm in nipping in the bud any worrying that may want to start manifesting itself.

4. Create A Worry Journal
Start a daily journal where you carefully list all your worries in great detail. Leave some space next to each worry to record what actually happens in the end. One of the first things you will realize is how trivial some of your anxieties are. You will also note that a huge percentage of your worries never actually come to pass. Meaning that most people waste away a lot of their precious lives worrying mostly about stuff that will never get to happen. That in itself is a very sobering realization. The bottom line is that a worry journal is usually a powerful tool in getting rid of worrying.

5. Take A Deep Breadth
You may have already heard this suggested many times before but what is important here is that it actually works. And the beauty of it all is that you can do it anywhere. A variation of this is alternate nostril breathing where you take a deep breath with one nostril pressed down and then press down the other to slowly exhale. The idea here is to breath in as far as possible and then to also breathe out for as long as you possibly can without stopping. Breathing is a potent relaxation tool that will help kick anxiety out of your life.

6. Sing a Song
The main problem with many worriers is their excess energy. Why not try singing? Choose a song that is positive and lots of fun to sing. Music is very powerful and can quickly alter the mood. This is why moviemakers rely so heavily on it. When you sing you also use up the excess energy but at the same time you can alter the mood from one of worrying to one of joy if you pick the right song to do this.

7. Are You Getting Enough Rest?
Lack of enough sleep will always cause anxiety and can trigger plenty of worry and irritability in the most level-headed people. And so one of the really effective techniques of dealing with worry is to increase the amount of sleep you usually get. How about a brief afternoon siesta before you go back to work in the afternoon? How about brief power naps every time you start to feel anxiety rise up inside you?

8. Take Time To Relax Without Interruption
Modern living triggers lots of worries. 24 hour news channels and cell phones that we never switch off are bound to cause any healthy person to degenerate into a nervous wreck. Do set aside some time during your day to really relax and out up your feet. Switch off your cell phone and stay well away from the TV or your computer with its’ email alert. Basically shut down everything and anything that is capable of interrupting your precious minutes of relaxation.

9. Learn To Forgive Yourself
Everybody makes mistakes, it is what this life is all about; making mistakes so that we can learn from them and ultimately develop into better human beings. However some people take it to the extreme and actually enjoy beating on themselves over past mistakes. You can be sure that you will always worry and even have panic and anxiety attacks if you cannot get to forgive yourself and move on from your past.

10. Get Physical
The term nervous energy is not accidental. Many studies have linked excessive worrying to excess energy in people. This is precisely the reason why plenty of exercise can go a long way in helping you deal with worrying. If you find it difficult to keep up with regular exercising find a fun activity like a game that you really like that is physical in nature and then simply play it regularly. Exercise has numerous health benefits and so there is plenty to gain in you making every effort to bring regular exercises into your life.

Use these most effective 10 tricks to help you stop worrying now and start living. Do everything in your power to stop worry in its’ tracks. Life is too precious and too short to allocate any of it to worrying and anxiety.