12 Tips To Beat Fear and Succeed In Work, Business, and Life

Fear can be very crippling; almost to the point where it destroys your potential. Fear can manifest itself in a myriad of ways, one of which is hindering you from working to the fullest. This, in turn, could not only affect your business, but also your life. Don’t worry, though. We have the answer to all your problems – well, most.

We have compiled a list of 12 tips that you can use and beat fear. Consequently, you can succeed at whatever you are doing without unnecessarily worrying. So hurry up and read on below, folks…


The world is always trying to bring you down, but it is exactly in these times that you need to believe in yourself. If you think that is hard then just give a listen to “Can’t Drag Me Down” by One Direction; we hope it brings some inspirations. Anyhow, the thing you need to consider here is that at the end of the day it is only you who can overcome your fear. So just, believe in yourself because no one else will.

Accept your fears

We are often told that we need to beat our fear, but you can rarely do so without realizing what your fears are. The most important step, perhaps, overcoming your fear is to accept that there is a problem. Once you have achieved this, you can then work on a solution. You can hardly succeed in business or life if you keep on suppressing your feelings.

Seek help

Sometimes most of our fears are a result of underlying medical conditions. This means that you could be suffering from a range of disorders like Generalized Anxiety Disorders. Hence, we recommend that you consult a physician at the earliest. This will enable you to get the proper treatment, if any, and set you on the path to success. We realize that there is an extreme social stigma attached to this, but do not let that stop you. Your mental health is more important than everything.

Set aside some time for worrying

Excessive worrying is counterproductive. As a result, it can hinder your success in business and life, which is something you do not want. You should designate specific times of the day to let your fear lose otherwise it will hinder your progress. During this time you should reflect on what your fears are and then proceed to use that time effectively to overcome them.

Stop over thinking

Many of the fears that plague us day in and day out are self-created. They are nothing more than a figment of our imagination. Most of us have a horrible habit of over analyzing everything and creating problems in our head. As a result, we spend most of our time worrying about those baseless fears, which can be hectic. Hence, stay positive; adopt an optimistic attitude towards life and live happily. Trust us on this. It will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches in the future.

Set Attainable Goals

Most of our fears stem from a perceived lack of success. This could be because you set goals that might not be possible to reach. We fully support the idea that nothing is impossible, but sometimes you need to understand that reaching goals takes time. You should start from the simplest task and then work your way towards bigger goals.

Embrace your fears

It is crucial to ensure that you do not let your fears reign supreme and withhold you from pursuing what is important to you. Rather than making excuses, considering others the reason of your dereliction, neglecting what can be achieved in hopes of a supposed higher reward or delaying the process of hard work, you should try to figure out the cause of all such feelings and work to eliminate it altogether. To manage that, you need to follow a couple of steps. For starters, the next time you are unable to secure what you desire, do not resort to immediately beating yourself about it or start to consider yourself unworthy and the likes. Secondly, man-up; face your fears, take them as a challenge, invest your sincere efforts and just move on.

Keep the convolutions and tangles at bay

Often time, we incorporate so many complexities in the tasks we need to perform, that the mere thought of them starts to scare us away. We feel overwhelmed by the imagined emotional and/or physical fatigue and rather end up giving up altogether. For instance, if you’re just beginning with a workout routine and make it tough in the initial stages, you will probably start dreading the very thought of the vigorous exercise you’ve allocated your due, and perhaps may never be able to continue with it in the long run. Just like smaller bites are easier to chew. Similarly, all tasks, which are broken down into compact and doable components, are more promising when it comes to overcoming fear and attaining success.

Be positive

Fear and irrational ideas regarding one’s worth often thrive on negativity. If you continuously allow negative people, thoughts, concerns, and beliefs to rule your life, then you ultimately will end up pushing success away. Positivity emerges within you when you begin to appreciate yourself and make efforts to boost your self-esteem. Let us look at an example. You might agree to go bungee jumping with friends, but simultaneously, you are massively scared of heights. However, the best way to overcome this fear is to convince yourself otherwise repeatedly; tell yourself that you can do it and go ahead with the task either way. Not only will you surmount the fear (associated with heights in this case) but the sense of achievement will offer an unmatched, priceless feeling. Practices like yoga and making regular records of positive experiences can further help reinforce positivity in your life.


You have these important maths and psychology quizzes the following day, and while you might be a pro at psychology, math is just not your cup of tea. Now if you were to go about just stressing the entire day about math alone, not only will you throw away the chance of learning some algebra, you will also perform poorly in psychology the next day. A good way to prevent this is to compartmentalize. Get done with the psychology preparation, something that is easily manageable for you currently, during the first half of the day and works on math during the next half. In other words, prioritize your concerns. Finish up with the endeavors that you can undertake easily before proceeding to the more challenging ones, so maximum output is secured.

Remind yourself that your imagined worst case scenario isn’t always that bad

What acts as an inhibitor in the path of your success is the assumption that if your attempts do not bear the fruit that you seek, it might just be the end of the world, if nothing less dramatic. Put an end to sweating the small stuff. Ask yourself whether all the excessive worrying is worth it all. If XYZ isn’t attracted to you, maybe ABC will be. If you lose your present job on account of a certain failure, know that you can always opt for another one. In case if the professor or the manager will be mad at you, know that your family cares nonetheless. Regulate this belief in your daily life, and you’ll eventually rise above all your fears and effectively clean away all obstacles that stand in the path of your success.

Start considering fear as a mandatory requirement of growth

It is a well-observe phenomenon that if we negate our fears, we can achieve the unimaginable. Reckon your fears to possess the potential to facilitate your character development and overall growth. When we face our fears and start deeming them as challenges to be overcome, we can benefit from acquiring valuable lessons that can last a lifetime. Criticism might seem harsh, but if you view it as positive feedback, you can plant seeds for your continued progress and success.

So if you want to overcome your fear and succeed in life and business then follow these 12 easy steps. These will surely keep your fears at bay. As a result, you can pave your way towards a healthier life. Fear stops you performing to your full potential and stops you from taking risks. Hence, bear these 12 steps in mind next time you feel a pit in your stomach.