15 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Are you sick of trying on a new diet every month? With summer here all of us want to sport that cute new tank top or that sexy bikini, but those pesky layers of cellulite often get in the way of our plans. As a result, many of us have resorted to trying on innovative diet plans every month in the hopes of shedding those layers of fat and getting that perfect summer body. But some of you might have noticed that despite all these efforts, you are still not losing weight.

Well, don’t worry because you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of fifteen reasons why you might not be losing weight; not only this; we will also advise you on how to lose weight in just some days. So hurry up and start reading…

You are not giving it enough time

As human beings, we want quick results, but what you need to consider here is that weight loss does not happen overnight. It requires rigorous amounts of effort and hard work. Hence, if you don’t see visible results right away then do not be disheartened. It will take time, but if you stay focused then surely you will feel a change in your body.

You are surrounded by people with unhealthy eating habits

Your company surely has a significant role to play in your weight loss regime. If you are always around individuals that lead an unhealthy life, then the chances are that you might go off track as well. So try and include your friends and family in your workout routines too to make sure that everyone benefits.

You have a high consumption of healthy foods

Everything in excess can be harmful to the human body. Sometimes in the race of losing weight, some people can go overboard when trying to eat healthily. Even though fruits like avocados are delicious and healthy for the body, they do not come without a cost. Nuts and such fruits usually have a high-calorie content, so they do more harm than good when eaten in massive amounts.

You exercise on an empty stomach

Some people are under the impression that the less you eat, the more weight loss you will experience.  However, exercising without eating anything first does not result in visible weight loss.  This is mainly because the calories that you will burn during exercising will be derived from your muscles not the fat in your body.  This can be severely damaging to you as this means that you are wasting muscles, and that is not at all healthy.

You wear loose clothing

This might seem a tab weird to read, but if you wear extremely big or loose clothes, then you can tend to forget what your body looks like. While this may not be that detrimental, it can – nonetheless – decrease your motivation to work out.

You are dieting – sort of

Eating a salad might give the impression that you are dieting, but what about that French dressing on it? Some people are addicted to toppings and condiments, which are hazardous for weight loss. The toppings contain numerous calories, which means you gain rather than losing weight.

Hence, we advise you to stick to your decision to lose weight and eat salads just as they are, no matter how unappetizing they might taste.

You are inconsistent


Consistency and determination are vital factors that contribute towards weight loss. If you start with a workout or exercise routine, then make sure that you follow it to even the minutest detail. If you only attempt to exercise half-heartedly, then it will only set you up for a loss from the beginning. Therefore, we suggest that instead of finding, even more, ways of how to lose weight, you religiously follow the ones that you are aware of at present.

You’re not drinking water

The simple task of consuming a sufficient amount of water each day can help you keep those extra calories at bay! Research has proven that drinking at least one glass of water before a meal can aid in limiting your appetite by making you feel full and ultimately assist in ensuring that a reduced calorie intake is achieved. Fruits and vegetables which have a high water content also produce the same effect while cold water contributes to an enhanced metabolism, speeding the calorie burning process by 24-30% in 1.5 hour period, thus promoting weight loss. Also, dehydration stalls kidney function leading to an overburdened liver which ends up storing fat rather than breaking it, which negatively impacts weight loss.

You are laser focused at work

If you sit continuously for a few hours at a time, your body can stop producing the fat decomposing enzyme called lipase, according to a discovery by researchers at University of Missouri, Columbia. This can prevent you from losing those extra pounds and reaching your desired weight loss target. Walking for two minutes every couple of hours helps to burn an added 59 calories while standing and stretching every hour speeds up the metabolism by 13% which helps you secure the weight loss you aspire.

You’re under a lot of stress

Each day, our body experiences stress in various forms. However, the response system doesn’t segregate the various stress causes from the other. Stress promotes the excessive release of a hormone called cortisol, the flight or fight hormone, which breaks down healthy muscle, impairs insulin resistance and contributes to the unwanted accumulation of fat, leading to problems in managing weight loss. Cortisol also slows down the metabolic rate and if released in high amounts, can advance fat storage in the abdominal area, thus preventing weight loss. Furthermore, stress also causes excessive production of a chemical named neuropeptide Y, which makes you rush for carbohydrates to satisfy cravings. However, exercise, especially meditation, a balanced diet, adequate sleep and a strong support program can help relieve stress and aid in weight loss.

You overcompensate for the exercise you do

Many people have the tendency to reward themselves excessively after managing a strong workout routine. Following an intense exercise session, a lot of people may indulge in a surplus of carbs or sugary foods as a means to reward their efforts and more often than not, happen to overestimate the calories they might have burned. This eventually causes them to consume more than what they might have lost, which damages their weight loss goals badly. Additionally, some people also munch on an extra amount of unwanted calories. Thinking about how the upcoming workout session will help to neutralize the affects, but this isn’t the case. Since once again, the calories burnt are overestimated.

You pay with plastic

According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people who make use of a credit card to pay for their groceries end up buying more unhealthy and calorie-rich choices than those who choose to use the traditional style of cash. While being aware of the costs of the goods that they purchase, yet since they don’t find their wallets becoming lighter all of a sudden, they invest on unwanted snacks nonetheless. This conclusively contributes to stalled weight loss efforts.

You don’t get enough sleep

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that women who slept for fewer than three hours indulged in 300 more calories and 21 grams of extra fat the following day. Reducing the amount of sleep you get can make your body crave for more carbs and fats and can also facilitate in increasing the release of the fat storing hormone cortisol, as mentioned above. The fat decomposing hormone, on the contrary, is release in the greatest amounts during deep sleep periods. Thus, adequate sleep can assist in the desired weight loss.

You’re eating large portions or eating too little

Although healthy eating is the key to weight loss success, eating large amounts of even nutritious meals can cause your weight loss efforts to backfire massively and cause you to gain weight, since calorie intake exceeds the required amount. Simultaneously, eating too little produces the same effect, as your body attempts to store any nutrition consumed to prepare for starvation mode. This not only slows down the metabolism but makes it difficult to lose weight.

You might have a medical condition

No need to get alarm, but if you are experiencing weight loss despite all the hard work, then you should probably consult a doctor. Some health problems can result in an inability to lose weight or gain weight. These conditions could include thyroid conditions and diabetes. We advise you to do so especially when you are sure that you are doing everything right for weight loss.

Before we sign off, we just want to advise all of you out there to re-examine your routine and lifestyle carefully. This will help you spot your weak points and then make changes accordingly. Remember that a myriad of factors contributes towards weight loss, so you need to take into account all of them and pave your way towards a healthier, skinnier life.