15 Ways to Judge A Person after Just a Meeting

We’re always told to never judge a person for who they are, but sometimes judging becomes necessary. This allows you to determine whether someone might be a good romantic partner, friend, or even employee. But people sometimes don’t know on which skills to judge. Don’t worry, fam, we’ve got your back. These 15 easy hacks will make you as skilled as an FBI agent when it comes to judge a person. So hold tight and read on below…

Social interaction

The only standpoint differentiating humans from animals is our ability to socialize. The more introverted or antisocial, the more negatively it impacts our lives. Our dire need for interaction requires just trust, honesty, and loyalty in return. These qualities are inculcated only after years of practice in communication. The sole purpose of such social interactions is to celebrate, share and spread joy. Character flourishes only after interacting with others, not in solitude.

Stay away from negative people

Stay away from people with manipulative behavior and inability to handle their failures. This kind of behavior creates a negative aura. Obsessing over their petty problems and thinking the world revolves around them is a clear sign to avoid these people. All this negativity attracts the wrong kind of individuals in your life, and that drags you down. There is no point in listening to help them, which you will soon discover. Mental peace is the key to success. So start avoiding envious and obsessive behavior is the best option to go towards a healthy lifestyle.

Check for empathy

The best to test someone’s demeanor is to note the way they talk about the misguided and underprivileged in our society like orphans, poor immigrants and disabled. We see the compassion or consideration in their tone indicates empathy. Strong signs of empathy would include even the slight mention of world problems. On the other hand, people lacking empathy would not even consider talking about the social issues we are facing today. They are more self-centered and revert conversations to themselves. In some cases, a lack of empathy is so extreme that psychopathic symptoms are evident. Learn to be more vigilant of such behavior.


Quality to look out for is perseverance that people are losing on a daily basis. Perseverance is the willpower to achieve your previously set goals, even after ongoing hardships in life. When a person shows grit and persistence, it is contagious. Even if we look at examples from our lives, great discoveries were made due to consistency, tenacity, and determination.All the great motivational and inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela experience failure at every point of their lives but the difference was persistence. Having a determined person around makes you focus on your goals more. It is a basic key to success.

Avoid boastful behavior

Talking to a person only overly proud of their achievements is another big no. Listen carefully to notice the narcissistic behavior. The regular the list of achievements, successes, promotions and bonus awards are mentioned it is an indication of arrogance. The more the modest and humble the better. Watch out for show-offs in daily routine. These little nuisances disrupt the mental stability of one, so surround yourself with people with similar interests.The more the selfies or posts,the more unwilling they are to break loose of this vicious habit.

Owning up

The way a person reacts to a situation plays a major role whether he is at fault or not. Owning your screw ups or blaming others indicates their management skills. Someone with weak control always ends up not turning up on time or owning up to the task. The whole attitude of not taking responsibility affects your likeliness. If we encounter such a situation, then we should lead by example taking a headstart on tasks to expect excellence. Have the behavior you would want to see in others.

Kind Nature

This world is a cruel place that can turn even the soft-hearted to cold-stone people. But finding a considerate and passionate person towards is a miracle. Note the little things they do for others because it is simple many people volunteer only to show off. Doing charity or donating is also a competition nowadays where everyone has to post it on social media before they even think of doing it. The simple eagerness to share and contribute towards a brighter future is a positive indication.

Not everyone is ready to live peacefully with the other 7 billion people on the planet. Many psychologists say that judge a person on how he treats the wait staff of a restaurant. How he treats people who have no superiority over oneself shows their character.Even religion can’t inculcate this charm of kindness it comes within.

Anger management

The frequency of tantrums throws if are too often might be due to underlying troubles. The anger management issues are visible when they project it towards others both mentally and physically. Regular snapping at people should not be considered a normal thing or tolerate it under any circumstances. The occasional burst of emotions is okay because it does not result in dormant volcano erupting at the most unexpected moments. Try avoiding people with regular outbursts.

This results in crime rate to increase drastically as people are more physically abusive.Destructive behavior leads to creating more problems in our already complicated life. Not everyone has the royal training for etiquettes, but basic manners are appreciated. So anger is a perfect criterion to judge a person.

Adventurous or not

Our brain is wired to read into the way people move or the way they dress to judge whether you are audacious. The way you carry yourself is a reflection of yourself. Studies were carried that showed people with a looser style of the walk are consider adventurous and extrovert in nature whereas more robotic walks as neurotic.

Their color

When we say color, we certainly do not mean their skin color. According to numerous studies, you should judge a person based on whatever color they usually wear to meetings. Those individuals who often prefer black colored clothing are more sensitive and artistic. On the other hand, those who wear mostly red are fun and live life on the edge.

Don’t use social media as an indicator

With the advent of social media, a myriad of aspects of our life has significantly changed. People are always comparing themselves to others on social media, but Facebook is a horrible judge of a person’s character. It can be very easy to pretend online; the reality of your character lies in how you act around others.

Read their emails

Now, don’t go snooping around after you have met someone. What we mean is that if you want to judge a person, then read the emails that they have sent you. If they use an excess of question marks, then this can be indicative of anger issues. Likewise, if they frequently use exclamation marks, then this means that are impatient and anxious. Additionally, unnecessary errors could indicate apathy or indifference.

Their shoes

Everyone cannot afford the latest Louis Vuitton’s but if you accurately want to judge someone’s true habits then look at their shoes. The condition of those shoes will you how hygienic someone is, how much they earn, and political affiliation.

Eye contact

Body language is extremely crucial when it comes to judge a person. Eye contact can speak volumes about someone’s personality. For example, if the other person can maintain eye contact then he or she is confident. However, if said person avoids it, then this indicates a lack of control and weaknesses.

Their punctuality

Being late once can be forgiven, but showing up late every time? Well, that is a cause for concern. If the other person constantly arrives late for every appointment then surely they are not serious. If they cared, then they would make an effort and be punctual.

So there it is folks. We hope you employ all the methods that we’ve shown you here today to judge a person accurately. These will surely come handy for those who have started dating or those looking to hire a new employee. Just remember that it is easy to pretend, so be careful of those fakers. Be sure to make the right choice.