20 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

20 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is often named as the most important meal of the day. Beginning the day with the right nourishment is key to feeling strong, balanced and focused for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast, like the ones chosen for this list of 20 easy healthy breakfast ideas, does not have to be a difficult endeavor. With a little planning and the right ingredients at hand, you can make a fresh, healthy breakfast meal every day without any added stress.

When you eat a healthy breakfast you will notice the difference. You will have more energy, better concentration, less late day fatigue, healthier body, and might lose some weight.A good way to make sure you do not have to think too much about making breakfast is to keep a mental or even printed list of easy healthy breakfasts.  Once you have your go-to recipes, it will be easy to know what ingredients you need to make a variety of breakfast plates and add them to your grocery list as staples. Use the 20 easy healthy breakfast ideas to make the list of basic ingredients.

With a list of ideas and the ingredients at hand, all you need is a bit of extra time, about 15 minutes, to get your breakfast prepared every morning. So set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to have the short time required to make any of the choices included in this list of 20 easy healthy breakfast ideas. If you prepare by shopping, collecting ideas and setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier, making a healthy breakfast is easy. Following are 20 easy healthy breakfast ideas to help ensure the right nutritional start to the day.

20 Easy Healthy Breakfast ideas

1. Oatmeal, berries and nuts. Prepare the oatmeal, add your preferred berries and a handful of nuts and you are ready to go. If you use non-instant oatmeal, you can also add a little bit of honey for flavoring.

2. Yogurt, fresh fruit and cereal. A cup of natural low-fat yogurt with a variety of seasonal fresh fruits and a small amount of cereal or granola is a quick healthy breakfast idea.

3. Healthy cereal and milk. A favorite children’s breakfast, this can also work for adults. High-fiber, whole-grain cereal with some skim or low-fat milk is another easy idea to keep handy.

4. Fruit salad. Taking some fresh fruits and cutting them up, then seasoning it with a little lemon juice and a bit of honey makes a healthy, refreshing breakfast that can be ready in a few minutes.

5. Fresh fruits and cheese. Cut up some fresh fruits and add a small chunk of your favorite cheese or a half-cup of low-fat ricotta cheese and you have a quick, healthy, balanced breakfast.

6. Scrambled egg with veggies. One egg or two egg whites, scrambled with peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and a little olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper packs a strong protein punch. It can be served with a whole-wheat piece of toast.

7. Granola bar, fruit and milk. A bar of high-fiber granola, a citrus fruit such as an orange and a cup of skim or low-fat milk make a balanced, healthy breakfast.

8. Muffin and egg. A whole-wheat English muffin with a sliced, boiled egg, some low-fat melted cheese and sliced tomato is easy to make, healthy to eat and enjoyable.

9. Fruit smoothie. A mix of fruits such as bananas, strawberries, pineapples and mango, with a cup of low-fat natural yogurt or skim milk and a cup of ice is another refreshing breakfast idea.

10. Bread, salmon, fruit and milk. Some whole grain brain served with smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes, some fruits and a cup of skim or low-fat milk is another very balanced breakfast idea.

11. Turkey sandwich. Whole wheat bread, sliced turkey ham, sliced tomatoes and some lettuce is easy to throw together. This can be served with a cup of skim or low-fat milk.

12. Half a whole-wheat bagel, with low-fat cottage cheese and some fresh berries is easy to prepare.

13. Mozzarella cheese sticks, apples and crackers. Use low-fat mozzarella cheese sticks and whole-wheat crackers for an even healthier version.

14. French toast. This can be easily, healthily and quickly made using two thin slices of whole-grain bread, an egg, half a cup of skim milk, and a little vanilla and cinnamon for flavoring.

15. Breakfast burrito. This homemade favorite takes just a whole-wheat tortilla and one or two egg white scrambled with a variety of vegetables and low-fat cheese.

16. Muffins and milk. Make a batch of healthy muffins ahead of time and grab one with a cup of low-fat milk and a fruit for a healthy, quick, balanced breakfast.

17. Homemade granola. This can be made at home easily using rolled oats, flaked coconut, whole grain cereal and dried fruits.

18. Muffin, peanut butter, apple and milk. A toasted whole grain English muffin slathered with some peanut butter and sliced apples and served with a cup of low-fat milk is an energy-boosting breakfast.

19. Scrambled tofu, with some vegetables and soy sauce served on whole-grain toast and a glass of skim or low-fat milk is another good option.

20. Grapefruit, whole grain toast with peanut butter and skim or low-fat milk. This combination is healthy and tasty.