A List Of 20 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Mind

The mind is one of the most complex organs of the body if not the most complex of them all. Imagine, the brain is only 3lb, but it controls the whole body. The mind is capable of coming up with amazing discoveries and inventions. Imagine the joys of driving a car, the phenomenon of the internet, out of the world experience of visiting outer space, etc

When we think of what the mind can do, it’s just, well, mind boggling! Did you know that the geniuses in our midst only utilize a very small fraction of their minds? Think for a moment what would be like if we utilized 50% of our brain. The results would be awesome. Various studies have been conducted on the mind by scientists to give us a glimpse of how it works. If we would take the time to process the studies about the mind, we would be more appreciative of it.

The mind is first and foremost responsible for all our body functions, the heart beat, the amount of oxygen we take in from the air, our response to pain, etc. Our brain continues working even after we are lost in dreamland (asleep). That explains the sweet dreams or nightmares we “see” in our dream world.

The mind like any other body organ needs to be exercised if we are to reap maximum benefits from it. And it ages with time, it never remains young. However, if we subject the mind to daily challenges, it will serve us well long into our old age thus warding off diseases that affect the mind like Alzheimer diseases among other cognitive disorders.

It is also important what we feed our brains, if we feed our brains with substandard material that is what it will give us. If we feed it with quality material, we benefit from quality thinking. Thus the adage ‘as a man thinks, so is he’. Positive thoughts reinforce the mind while negative thinking does quite the opposite. We have to feed our minds at all times with positive thinking, despite the circumstances that may face us, some not so easy.

Now that we are talking of the 20 ways that we can strengthen our minds, let’s take some time and consider each way in detail; some of these ways have stood the test of time and produce the same results no matter what way they are tried. The most important one is eating foods that boost the overall health of your body, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. Healthy eating is the first way to nourish your mind for growth. And don’t forget the water to keep the body, and mind well hydrated.

Physical exercise is one of the great ways to strengthen the mind. Different types of exercises allow the body to dispel out negative energy, while at the same time increases the oxygen uptake; that translates in more oxygen circulating in the body and mind. Walking, apart from the physical benefits has shown to have the best effect on the brain generally.

Physical exercises according to numerous studies actually protect the brain as one goes through the aging process. Studies show that getting involved in a rigorous exercise regime like running results in brain cell regeneration. This means better decision making and judgment, easier multitasking of various duties without forgetting details, etc.

Challenging the mind to new processes is also good for it, for example learning a new language, new art design or even a musical instrument provides a challenge the mind will want to work out. Travel and adventure is another way of greatly stimulating the mind. Discovering new places has that ‘aha’ experience that makes the mind so excited that it grows. The mind learns in to take the new sights, savor new tastes, etc. This motivates the mind to stay young.

Starting a new hobby is another great way of stimulating the mind. Knitting and sewing improve on the hand to eye coordination, cooking new recipes arouses the smell buds that enables one make a distinction between the herbs and spices, painting and drawing brings out creativity or makes the mind think of creative designs and the colors to go with.

Playing of board games like chess, scrabble, etc has a positive effect on the brain as it keeps it mentally alert. Playing bingo and card games also have the same effect. Studies show that old people who play these games are able to remember things more than those who did not play the games.

Going back to school to learn also strengthens the brain and reduces incidences of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies conducted show that the more educated one is the less the level of developing this disease. Go back to school and study for a new career and see how this does it for the mind.

Another way of stimulating the brain is trying to do things differently from the normal routine. For example, trying to do the following with you other hand will prove a challenge your mind will thank you for, like brushing your teeth, texting on the phone or switching the remote control of the TV.

You will find out how difficult it is to change your routine, but that will be a challenge the mind is willing to boggle down to the last details. Oh, and try driving a different route without your GPRS on. Once in a while, try to get to make friends and strike up conversations when waiting in line at the store or rail station. You will be amazed by how much other people know and that will stimulate your brain to think differently. Or better still, talk to someone, you never would.

Reading fiction and nonfiction material will open your mind to another person’s world and gives you a chance to hear their story from their own view-point and this gives your mind something to mull about. Seek to write a hand written letter to a friend or relative, and when doing those calculations, don’t refer to your calculator, do mental sums. Stay tuned to nature by visiting a park, this will do wonders to your brain.

The one way that beats them all is to set aside some time when you can switch off all electronics including your phone and computer and sitting still, doing absolutely nothing. It may seems awkward at first but let the moment be. With time, it will be one of the daily must do things that you will always look forward to. It helps to calm the mind and brings more clarity and peace. And that is the ultimate mind booster.