21 Ways to Stay Amazing and Creative

Creativity is not something that comes naturally to everyone; however, if you are among the lucky few that are blessed then rejoice. If you have a knack for viewing the world with a different perspective, then you have come to the right place. Today we will be sharing 21 foolproof ways you can use to stay amazing and creative forever.

We understand that nothing lasts forever, but your ability to stay amazing and creative surely will. So read on, folks…

Practice, practice, and practice!

Ever since we were children, the idea that practice makes perfect has been ingrained in our minds. The sole reason for this is that it true. Creativity means that you have a whole armada of ideas, but the real problem is perfectly expressing them. Hence, you should try and practice as much as you can. As a result, you will perfect your techniques over time, and stay amazing and creative.


Concentration is key when it comes to being both amazing and creative. The reason for this is that without focusing you will not be able to pay attention to the details. While creativity is indeed a talent, it still demands to be presented properly. Therefore, instead of concentrating on how things will be in the future, or were in the past; live in the now. The present is extremely helpful in letting you decipher which direction you should take your work in.

Believe in yourself

Everyone loves being a cynic nowadays, but you hardly find pleasure in that. Belief in yourself, your abilities is crucial to staying amazing and creative. The world will try to pull you down; however, you need to be resilient. Not everyone will understand your creativity, so it is better to trust yourself rather than pay heed to what others have to say.

Those who always talk rarely notice the little details all around us. To maintain your creativity, it is imperative that you see and listen. Make sure that you pay attention to the little things that make the world. It will be here, in these very details, that you will feel most amazing and creative.

Avoid television

In the era of Netflix and cable TV, this can be a tad difficult. Nonetheless, television is your biggest culprit in ruining your creativity. Television numbs down your mind. This in turn negatively impacts your creativity. Therefore, we suggest that you limit your exposure to hours of mindless television. Instead, you can use this time to now focus on your creations.

Experiment with your taste in music

Do you remember the way you felt when you heard a specific song the first time? Well, music can surely get ideas flowing in your mind. This is why when we hear songs we always start imagining scenarios. However, over time you can start reimagining the same situations if you listen to the songs again and again.  Therefore, we recommend that you change your music taste a little. Maybe try and give a new band or artist a chance? You will surely experience a new wave of creativity.

Write with a pen and paper

Pen and paper have slowly started becoming obsolete. Our entire way of functioning heavily depends on technology now; nonetheless, you have to admit that paper is still better. The feeling that you get when you hold a pen in your hand simply cannot be replaced by that from a stylus. Thus, try and use this more. You can use a diary or maybe a journal to jot down any ideas that you have. This way you will never forget an idea and remain amazing and creative at the same time.

Take a nap

We have sometimes come across adults who think that naps are for children. However, this is not the case. At any given point in life, we always have a myriad of things underway, which can easily stress us. As a result, our brain might stop working and processing ideas at its full potential. Therefore, ensure that you are well rested; you can do this by taking a power nap.

Visit a gallery

The world can be a strange place in the sense that people can inspire people. We do not always need a trip to the Bahamas or see the setting sun to find ourselves. Sometimes people do the job perfectly fine. When you visit a gallery, you will see these marvelous paintings and surely be motivated to do something.

Stand up to failure

Life will not always be rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes it will be mountains of sour lemons. However, integrity and strength during these times will help you remain amazing and creative forever.

Embrace the difficulties

There is an opportunity in everything, so learn to read between the lines. Take every situation and spin it around in your favor. This way you will truly be able to stay amazing and creative.


Mediation has been used for centuries to soothe your mind. Meditation can help clear out your head, which means that new ideas can start flowing. This will help you ponder over those ideas and understand their essence better.

Do not limit yourself

Setting boundaries is encouraged in all areas of your life other than your creativity. Setting limits on your creativity means that you do not allow yourself to think outside the box. Therefore, a good idea might stop trying to please other people and do what you want. Only you can decide how far you can and can go.


Why do you think that Sherlock Holmes is an amazing detective? The reason is simple: he observes. You need to look at things, not just see them. As a result, you will be to look at the world with a different, more detailed view.

Step out of your comfort zone

Creativity demands that you step out of your comfort zone. To stay amazing and creative, you need to adjust to the current times. This means that you cannot linger on in the past or do only things that make you feel safe. You need to start taking more risks.

Be outside

Nature is an excellent remedy for everything in the world. Even if you take just a 20 minutes’ walk in the park, then you can certainly boost your creativity levels. It will calm you and get those creative juices flowing.

Read books

People rarely read books anymore. This could be due to some reasons like a hectic work schedule or procrastination. Nonetheless, we highly encourage that you read as many books as possible. This will help you gain perspective and motivate you to work on your masterpiece.

Avoid negative people

The company you keep plays a very important part in your success or failure. Negative people can lessen your creativity, so best steer clear of them. Surround yourself with people who give you new ideas, inspire you if you want to stay amazing and creative.


Go out and amaze everyone with your killer moves. Dancing is a sure way to let your creativity run wild. You can groove to any song, choreograph any move, and even sing along the way. All this will help you de-stress and remain happy.

Be positive

Don’t you get tired from the constant pessimism? Well, we surely do. Hence, we suggest that you try and find the silver lining in everything. Whatever difficulties you are experiencing right now are surely part of a bigger plan. So don’t worry, be happy!

Make new memories

If you want to be more amazing and creative, then you must surely make new memories. You should go on trips or hang out with people you love as much as you can. Do not worry about what will happen, just try and live in the present.

Love, love, and love

Today’s world lacks severely in love. Therefore, if you wish to be more amazing and creative then love everything on God’s green earth. This love will surely add to your creativity! So go out today and show your love to the world.

Well, that is it for today, folks. Remember that only you can help yourself stay amazing and creative, so better get to it today. Be sure to try out these amazing ways from the list above to make your life better. You are amazing just as you are, but we all need a little enhancing here and there. We hope that these ways will make your dream to stay an amazing and creative reality.