3 Universal Life Lessons We Should All Learn

3 Universal Life Lessons We Should All Learn
3 Universal Life Lessons We Should All Learn

If there is anything in this universe that is really difficult to define and describe, then it is the human life. There are so many unanswered, philosophical questions associated with the human life that it would be no exaggeration to state that it is the biggest mystery of all time. Despite the advances in science and technology, we are yet to truly uncover the origins of human life and consciousness. Most importantly, we are still in the dark about why we are here, to begin with.

For some, life is all about staying healthy and being wealthy. To others, life on earth is nothing more than a trial and a tribulation that will determine our state in the hereafter. Then again, there are those who believe that the purpose of our existence is to solely serve humanity to the best of our abilities. Which one of these answers is correct? Are any of these answers correct? Perhaps, there is no way to find out unless you venture out to the other side.

Everybody wants to be happy with their lives and the key to doing that is following the universal life lessons. At the end of the day, following these lessons will help you cherish life and the make the most out of it. Those who are quick to learn these lessons and abide by them are the ones who are able to live life on their own terms. If you have been struggling to understand the meaning of life lately, then knowing these three universal life lessons will make your task a tad bit easier:

1) Learn to Give

This is the age of greed and selfishness, where all people want to do is stock up assets for themselves. People today have forgotten the unconditional joy and happiness that can be derived from giving. Here is a small example for you to reflect on. How did you feel when you gave somebody special a wonderful gift on their birthday? You probably cannot express that joy of giving into words, perhaps because it is a unique experience that is hardly ever understood by our materialistic minds. Indeed, the joy of giving is greater and more absolute than the joy of receiving. It is human nature to contribute to somebody else’s cause and make their lives a little bit better.

When it comes to giving, your options should not be restricted to gifts and financial resources. Sometimes, an act of kindness can turn out to be the best gift you have ever given in your life. Imparting knowledge and providing valuable education to others without asking for anything in return will help validate your status as an intellectual person of the society.
Giving freely is often misinterpreted as enabling. Enabling others should not be perceived as a helpful activity. Also, do not mix up giving freely with martyrdom. When you give, give out of a pure heart. Do not give due to resentment or moral/social obligations.

2) Learn to Forgive

Forgiving is as important as giving. You cannot expect perfection out of everybody. Each and every single person is flawed in their own way. Some of those flaws may cause certain individuals to wrong you mildly or severely. Regardless of their wrongdoing, always be open to the idea of forgiving people. Religions, school of thoughts and scholars have always emphasized the need for forgiveness in societies across the world. The absence of forgiveness will turn our beautiful planet into a barbaric and ruthless environment where the wrath of justice will overshadow the beauty of love and affection.

Besides, you can never expect people to forgive you unless you have it within you to forgive them for their misdeeds. There will always be situations when you will find it extremely difficult to forgive somebody. Unless you are dealing with a heartless monster, there is no reason why you cannot be merciful enough to forgive the guilty. Once forgiveness is granted, you will find it easier to relieve your soul from anger, bitterness and resentment.

3) Learn to Let Go

Often times, letting go is misunderstood as giving up. The two are worlds apart. The people who give up fail to realize that they had more to give. The people who do not let go are the ones who fail to realize that the ship has long sailed. One of the most important things that you need to do in life in order to stay happy is move on. You need to move on from bitter relationships, move on from unpleasant experiences, move on from rejection, move on from defeat, move on from failure and move on from guilt.

Learning to let go is all about making your heart lighter and getting the burden off of your shoulders. When you are dragging around a heavy heart filled with grief, regrets, and remorse, it is impossible to move on and rejuvenate yourself as an individual.