50 Crazy Things To do That Will Put Excitement In Your Life

Nobody wants a sad and disappointing life. It is for this reason that we cherish every moment that makes us excited and happy. Here are 50 things you can do to add to these precious moments and guarantee you maximum excitement.

1. Travel to places you have always dreamed of going as well as famous places and sites all across the world like the Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China, and national parks in Africa for safari among others to get new experiences.

2. Engage in extreme sports like mountaineering, skydiving, rock climbing, white water rafting and bungee jumping among others for the thrill and adventure.

3. Find a place with relatively free of unnatural light and marvel at the beauty of the night sky all night long especially the stars.

4. Join a gym and enroll for a program that will help you keep fit and remain healthy.

5. Enroll for a yoga class to improve your mental as well as physical strength and help you to be more relaxed and calm.

6. Find an enriching and beautiful place to meditate occasionally and think about your life to help you set goals that can help you improve your life and relations with others.

7. Get a full body massage and treatment in a spa to remove all the tension from your body and for relaxation.

8. Have sexual intimacy with someone you truly care about regularly to help you improve emotionally, mentally and physically.

9. Renovate your house by occasionally painting different fun and bright colors and install more windows to let in more sunlight ensuring maximum lighting.

10. Visit close family and friends all around the world and spend some time together to help create strong bonds and interactions.

11. Buy the pets you have always dreamed of having and take care of them well.

12. De-clutter your home and get rid of old things or those you do not need any more to create space for new things and help you plan your life.

13. Donate to various charities to help bring smiles to the less fortunate and thus help you become a better person in society.

14. Attend comedy shows especially those featuring your favorite comedians to help you laugh more and have fun.

15. Go to various clubs once in a while to listen to upbeat music, dance, let loose and meet other people with similar interests.

16. Do something you really loved as a kid like riding a roller-coaster, watching cartoons, building sand castles among others to remind you of all the good experiences you had.

17. Volunteer your time and assistance at a local churches, animal shelters and children orphanages by helping out in cleaning, taking care of the children and animals to help society as a whole.

18. Find a hobby for instance, collecting stamps and engage in it fully to help you set targets and feel accomplished.

19. Attend live music concerts by your favorite bands or in famous places to get the natural feeling of music.

20. Start your own blog to interact and share your thoughts with others online.

21. Stash some money or something precious in a secret place you can easily forget so you can discover it later and give you the thrill.

22. Learn to play a music instrument and play your favorite songs in a band in front of a live audience.

23. Learn a foreign language you always considered to be very interesting as well as the culture in that country to expand your knowledge of the world.

24. Learn an art you have always fancied like painting and singing among others or how to play your favorite sport.

25. Go skinny dipping in a river, lake or ocean with friends.

26. Run in a marathon or race especially if it is for a good cause to challenge yourself.

27. Visit the birthplace of your ancestors or places where you lived while growing up to understand more about your roots and hence yourself better.

28. Visit an ocean and engage in all the activities there like deep sea fishing, surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling, whale watching among others.

29. Start your own business depending on your passion and make a living from it.

30. Fly in a helicopter over your favorite city especially at night to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

31. Participate in a car or motorcycle race for the thrill and excitement.

32. Go on a long cruise with your friends or family just to relax and enjoy the ocean.

33. Look out for shooting stars, solar eclipses and meteor showers and witness them to share in these rare experiences.

34. Learn to cook your favorite meals well and sample different cuisines from all across the world.

35. Stay in a fancy and renowned hotel for some time to experience five-star treatment.

36. Participate in a big competition or contest especially one that is nationwide for the excitement.

37. Learn a form of martial arts like karate and tai chi for the thrill and self-defense.

38. See all your favorite animals from all around the world and take pictures of them.

39. Hire or buy your favorite car and go for a long drive.

40. Ride a camel in a desert, horse or elephant.

41. Go on holiday with your best friend to a remote and unique location for some time.

42. Throw a huge party for all your friends to have fun together and show them how much you appreciate them.

43. Go for the world cup or major sports competitions live especially to watch the final or support your favorite team.

44. Get your fortune told by a fortune teller to help you plan your life better.

45. Go on a blind date with someone you have met online or someone who has been introduced to you through you friends.

46. Watch the sunrise and sunset from top of a cliff or raised place.

47. Write your own book based on your experiences to help others understand you better and help you express your personal views to others.

48. Dance and make out in the pouring rain with someone you love and also play in the mud.

49. Carpool to work to help you get to know your various coworkers better and help you socialize with them more.

50. Have lunch with someone who did something that annoyed you and work out how you can improve your relationship with them and also forgive them.

All these will put excitement in your life.