50 Habits of Highly Successful People

Do successful people fascinate you? Have you ever wondered what makes them so different from others?

Decades of research on achievement reveals that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. They are successful not because of good luck, family heritage or birth order but because they have adopted the RIGHT habits. They do things differently than the rest. Success is not an end destination, but instead is something to be achieved daily. And that is the reason why habits are so incredibly powerful! Here are the 50 Habits of Highly Successful People:

1. They thrive on resilience.

2. They look for opportunities where others see nothing.

3. They focus on the solution and the end result.

4. They don’t believe in imitating. They innovate!

5. They do not let fear control or limit them.

6. They look for lessons in problems.

7. They ask questions that put them in a positive, creative and productive mindset.

8. They do not involve themselves in the blame-game.

9. They use all their resources effectively and get the most out of themselves.

10. They do not waste their energy in complaining about ‘stuff’.

11. They make contacts and keep them. They socialize with like-minded individuals.

12. They don’t live life on an auto-mode. They are ambitious and consciously make it a point to live and be the best they possibly can, every single day.

13. They are Clear and Certain about what they want from life. They are also clear about what they don’t want. Visualizing and planning their goals are what they do while others merely indulge in speculation.

14. They methodically and consciously create success for themselves, while others only hope that success will eventually find them.

15. For the successful people the right time is RIGHT NOW. They don’t procrastinate and do what they have to do to get what they want. They live in the present.

16. They are learners of life. And they keep learning all their lives, either formally or informally.

17. They find good in everything. They believe that the ‘glass is half full’. And even after being immensely successful, they continue being down-to-earth.

18. They do not pay attention to how they ‘feel’ on a given day. They are consistent in what they need to do and do it without getting into the cycle of ‘stop and start’.

19. They take risks, but they’re calculated; may it be their personal or professional life.

20. They face challenges head on, and quickly deal with them and move on to the next task at hand or the next step towards their goal. In the meantime, they use the past challenges as experiences as lessons in order to improve themselves.

21. They believe in shaping their future with their own hands. They do not wait for fate. They commit to their goal and continuously strive to be a step closer, every day.

22. They are action oriented people. They act way before it’s late.

23. They are emotional people like others. However, they manage their emotions smartly.

24. They have excellent communication skills, generally, because they have worked on improving those skills.

25. Their life is not an unplanned series of events. They plan their life and turn it into a reality.

26. Successful people make decisions that many people don’t or won’t. They are exceptional by choice. These are the little choices they make in their day-to-day life.

27. They are not slaves of pleasure. They never avoid discomfort or pain. They actually live by and understand the saying “no pain, no gain”.

28. They have understood what they want and what’s important to them, and they live their life based on those core values and principles.

29. They know that money is a tool, a means of living. They have a healthy balance between money and success in their minds. They understand that the person who is wealthy need not be successful in the real sense.

30. They are strong minded people. They work on themselves in terms of self-control self-discipline.

31. Successful people are secure people. Their sense of self-worth does not come from their contacts, their wealth, or their looks.

32. They are genuinely kind people. They indulge in helping the needy which gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction.

33. They are never afraid of admitting their mistakes or apologizing. They are open to learning new and different things from others. They don’t drown themselves in personal glory, and make others look good. They always share the credit.

34. They are not slaves of routine, the familiar, or comfort. They embrace change and the unfamiliar.

35. They stay fit physically. They realize the importance of physical fitness in order to be able to work towards their goal. Their body is where they live and not what/who they are.

36. They work really hard. They give every opportunity their best shot! They leave no stone unturned.

37. While others indulge in over-thinking and going round in circles not
‘doing’ anything, the successful people are out and busy getting the job done.

38. They welcome feedback. They don’t just listen to it, but also act upon it.

39. They avoid being around negative people. In fact, they’re allergic to toxic beings!

40. They don’t waste time thinking ‘what could have been’.

41. They aren’t scared to go against the flow. They create their own path and don’t crave for approvals on their way.

42. They have a comfort level with themselves and love their own company the most!

43. Successful people set high goals and standards. Then, work tirelessly to achieve them, which in turn generates great results.

44. They don’t keep giving reasons for a particular setback. They don’t blame their health, genes, time, seniors or anything else for a failure. They find a way to succeed in any situation they’re in.

45. They know how to relax and have fun, once in a while.

46. They consider their career to be a job and not their identity. They know the difference between ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’.

47. They look for the action plan which gives them the desired results, instead of finding the easiest way out.

48. Even when the rush and excitement has worn out, they continue doing what they started and take it to the finishing line, come what may. They don’t leave unfinished tasks and never ever give up.

49. They realize that they are spiritual and emotional beings, and that side of their personality needs attention too.

50. They do what they say. They practice what they preach. They live the theory, in reality.